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Comment Re:Night time? (Score 1) 71

I'm assuming it's not the only source of energy. Solar is not here to replace all forms of energy but if it can sustain a large portion of daily activities (which accounts for more of the power use in North American) then you have a win-win solution. The next step for solar power is storage.

It's also important to note that the technology and materials used are not done improving so panels will get better and the yield per square foot will increase while the cost continues to decrease. This wiki about solar cells tells a lot:

Comment Re: perception and reality (Score 1) 71

check cashing places to cash, and incur fees for doing so right off the bat. Then you incur the risk of carrying that much cash around with you everywhere too.

So the bank is supposed to take this risk you don't want to take and guarantee the safety of your money at no cost?
The alternative is for you to hire a security company to escort the money to your safe.

Try to make a major purchase and the country flags you as a terrorist suspect the minute you make a large cash payment for it!

Wrong, they flag your transaction for review. Two very different things.

Try to take cash on an airline flight and again

If you are crossing borders that makes absolute sense. If you aren't crossing borders you can carry as much money as you want. You should notify TSA ahead of travels:

since there's no record of you having your name on a savings or checking account or any other real credit history.

Would you loan your money to someone else without a way to check who they are and how reliable they are? Probably not. Borrowing money is not a given right, it's a privilege that's become a standard in our society but that still requires validation.

What did the banks actually do to you to make you hate them OR are you one of the sheeps that flames said entities because it's the popular thing to do?

In my life banks have allowed me to collect interest on savings, build large gains on mutual funds and borrow money at low interest rates. I'm not sure where they screwed me. Are we talking about the $2-$4 / month I get charged for transactions?

Comment Re:Roll-back as in play-back? (Score 1) 71

This reminds me though of how Bank Robbers always shared this mythical celebrity status with a big portion of the population

References please because I don't believe it. Up until your money was secured by the bank or the government itself, very few appreciated bank robbers because it meant they lost money.

I went and looked at dozens of recent bank robberies stories and nobody in the comment was putting them on a pedestal. They were quick at calling them lazy and scum though!

In 2016 the banks are still screwing the population over at a much faster rate, yet you never hear of hackers being heroes to any but a select few.

That's a matter of perception isn't it? You say the banks screw you, yet you leave your money with them. You have no obligations to do so.
Keeping the same train of though, most people know that the cost of theft will directly affect them in one way or another.

Comment Re:Article paid by Apple to boo over it. (Score 1) 456

Point is it's not a few missing apps that are killing Windows phone, it's articles like this and retail stores refusing to give them a chance. In the end it's MS's fault for not working more with the partners or lack of partners. It's very hard to convince people to change from what they know to what they don't. I just experienced this first hand with trying to switch engineers to a WebGL based CAD program instead of the Windows based autocad. The cloud version meets all the needs and more. All this for less money and more convenience. They found every excuse in the book to not move forward all because it's different.

The same phenomenon is true of cars. Did you know the Volt has 292ft/lb of torque? That's more than most cars yet most people believe the car to be sluggish and they miss understand that the cars is not only electric. So miss information and bad publicity slow the progress towards electric motor driven cars which is easily attainable at this exact moment.

My experience with most people using my Windows phone is: "WOW, this is so much easier than Apple". I personally felt that way but to hear other people say the same thing was astonishing to me. I took a chance with Windows phone because I was curious and figured being a C# developer it would fall right into my cradle which it did.

Comment Re: Justin Trudeau (Score 1) 69

I see it as a step towards better globalization. Someone has to take a step towards this and Canada is willing to sacrifice itself for it. The global economy is real and trying to keep it out will keep you out of it. China isn't the underpriced labor market it was 15 years ago. I just came back from a conference in Florida and I got to speak to a few companies manufacturing products in China. The gap isn't 10 fold anymore. China is actually starting to buy from other countries and that is what Canada wants to be part of.

Comment Re: Justin Trudeau (Score 1) 69

I doubt Trudeau was against this otherwise they would have used it at ammunition during the election campaign. The TTP was in the news before the federal election campaign began in 2015.

Trudeau wasn't my choice at election time but I must say I'm happy with his ability to leverage his team's knowledge instead of bullying it into thinking like him.

Comment Not Microsoft's fault (Score 1) 456

I strongly believe this market has 2 players. A 3rd players is a difficult task at best. The sales of the OS is of no value if you have not already found a place in the market. Google offers theirs as ZERO cost. So new players HAVE to use the same model as Google unless they have a ridiculous amount of money to burn. MS has already burn a few billions dollars trying to break in. Strategic partnership have not yielded much so that avenue is also dead.

Comment Re:Article paid by Apple to boo over it. (Score 1) 456

Again, just my opinion, but the UI is absolutely NOT the weak point for Microsoft. Apps are

I believe this to only be partially true (as a Android and WP user).

All major apps are available and work just as good. Where WP falls on it's face is in niche app support. Say I want to use the Mitel phone emulator or their icontact system, I can't with my WP. To my surprise most watch makers (such as fitbit) had support for WP.

So when you say lack of app support, is that what you meant?

Comment Re: Justin Trudeau (Score 2) 69

TPP was already proceeding with conservatives so nothing changes, he just finished the job. The benefits are highly in Canada's advantage because Canada is already importing a hi percentage of good from other countries. What happens now is that the goods other countries need become more affordable due to the removal of high importation fees.

Only time will tell if it's as beneficial as it looks on paper.

FYI, I happen to know a food manufacturer that had 2 big deals pending on this trade deal going forward.

Comment Re:My conclusion is that linux sucks for games (Score 1) 115

In what cases is it "tailored to squeeze every ounce of power out of it's hardware"?

Because of the community you get specialized version of drivers that remove unneeded checks for specific applications. This isn't possible with Windows drivers as they are usually not open source. It all comes down to the open source nature of Linux and it's distributions.

That's true of anything. If you make a special version of software that targets specific hardware it is most likely going to run better than software that targets a whole range of hardware.

Linux in it's base form is an empty shell you can fill. Windows more or less has an equivalent of this. Windows 10 IoT is probably the closest thing to it and I'm not sure how feature rich it really is compared to the Linux Kernel.

Comment Re:My conclusion is that linux sucks for games (Score 1) 115

The version running on those tablets is the same Windows 10 you run on desktops.

If your desktop runs ARM then maybe, but I doubt it. The other big difference is that the tablet manufacturer will tune the OS to minimize potential failure points (by removing features) and will maximize performance in the process.

Like anything you need to look at the specific use-case and hardware involved, there is no one answer that applies to all.

Absolutely. Something many /. users oversee. Hardcore gamers will invest time in "tuning" their hardware and software. Although Windows partially caters to this, Linux caters more. It that a valid argument for suggesting one if better than the other? I'd suggest the answer is no.

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