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Comment Re:Brilliant (Score 1) 173

A four year degree is necessary in the tech field.

I have to disagree. I know plenty of people who do not have a 4 year degree and are making 6 digits. I happen to be one of them. In my case I went to college for 3 years but never completed my credits because I had to work to pay my way through school.

Some of my friends that did 4 and 6 years aren't further ahead than I am and if anything they are behind because they lost 2 years to end up in the same place. I can also point you to people that did go to school for 6 years that are now ahead of me so please don't see my comments as an attempt to discredit the value of advanced education. On the contrary, if I were to start over I would further my education. Its just that education isn't the only thing that makes people move forward in their careers.

Comment Re:The cars can detect gestures. (Score 1) 235

Guys, watch the TED talk the parent linked. It will answer all your questions. Google's implementation is very good with continued work to improving it. All these are technicalities that the Google R&D have already pointed out as obstacles to be dealt with. For the most part they have a handle on most issues that users have brought up.

The tech is more advanced than most of us know and for that reason many users are commenting without knowing what is actually out there right now.

Comment Re:Yes - known for years. (Score 1) 434

Translation: Yes, I'm comparing an apple to an orange, but they're both fruit so they're still the same thing, right?

Maybe you don't see the correlation. Can't help you there.

And how do they get back and forth from that desk at work to your lap at home? By being carried. You might not care of the laptop weighs 2 pounds or 8, but some people do.

Yes, which is why some will chose on computer over another. Nobody said Apple wasn't a great option but the original poster was way off on his claims and it's why I pointed out one of many options that compete. If weight is your primary concern you won't buy a MacBook, you'll opt for one of the many less than 2 pound graphite laptops offered by Lenovo, HP or others. If you are willing to compromise on weight then MacBook comes back to the front but at a higher cost than other performance equals.

For a person with normal physical strength, 2 pounds is more or less noticeable but I can't argue with personal preferences as long as your willing to pay for it

Comment Re:Yes - known for years. (Score 1) 434

I think you are miss understanding my original post. I was responding to someone that was basically saying nobody was in range which was completely incorrect. See the original comment:

Not only are they less expensive for the lifetime of ownership, longer lives, more powerful, more fully featured

We could probably argue for hours and at the end of it we would both be right because each machine is built with slightly different needs in mind. HP, Dell, Lenovo and Apple all make very competitive product each with their own set of features and benefits.

Apple has a well balanced product but there are competitors and it's a matter of budget.

The SSD it uses is pretty cheap, not PCI-E, not that fast. So they're trimming price because the SSD is about 1/3 of the speed of what the Macbook Pro ships, possibly 1/4 of the performance, and cheap SSDs are cheap

This has been a very interesting forum topic on Tom's Hardware. I was unable to find the post but I was actually involved in it. The conclusion was that the PCIE 3.0 SSD are 3 times faster using a bench test. This means that you can apply the 3x rule to any software that is highly optimized for read/writes such as some premium encoding software available out there.

For the rest of your applications (generally speaking), you aren't gaining much since the HD I/O in general only account for 5% of the bottleneck when comparing with a 6GB SATA. What does this mean? If it takes you 10 seconds to load an Excel file, you can improve speed by 2/10th of a second.

The other thing is that the boot time between PCIE and SATA is equal. The SATA SSD also outperforms the PCIE in certain areas and the PCIE really doesn't shine for regular desktop usage. The following benchmark by a reputable reviewer is very much point you to believe the same thing:

Comment Re:Deserve (Score 1) 144

I'm a little confused about your distinction between real and unreal

When I first used unreal it was saying that laws aren't "unreal". They are written and available for people to follow or break.

You can't cast a vote for none of the above, and until you can do that it's a waste of time to vote, if you don't believe in or trust both candidates.

At then end of the day a group of people needs to be in charge because you cannot have 300 million people voting on every issue. The good thing about democracy is that nobody gets a final say, instead a group of people with each their own say gets to vote for or against.

We are far from the days where kings slaughtered people because they didn't agree. The current system has it's issues but for the most part has allowed society to grow and prosper in a very reasonable way. It will continue to improve as time goes forward.

Comment Re:Yes - known for years. (Score 1) 434

I can't argue that it's heaver. Not 4 pounds heavier but 2-3 for sure based on side specs. You can opt for another model that is less graphic intense and is lighter than the MacBook. In the MacBook Pro price range you have even more options.

With the SSD drive the heat is very minimal. I own a previous version of the laptop and the bottom doesn't get hot.

Comment Re:Deserve (Score 1) 144

I don't see how rigged selections for final candidates to office is fair.

That stems from conspiracy theories. I'm not going to argue that there's influence in many cases and obviously that differs from country to country. And even if there were some rigged elections, how many weren't rigged that offered what democracy is truly about.

Less than half of voting age Americans voted for these people in power

Which is why it's important for people to vote. If you want the 30% of the population to pick your destiny than it's how it's going to be.

then there's the problem of only having one day to vote

I don't know where you live but where I live you can vote up to 30 days ahead if for any reason you believe you won't be able to on election day. And where I live your work must accommodate you for voting. The only reason people don't make it to the polls is because they don't care.

People have obligations

Yes. As state previously there's ample options for those people.

And as for your original statement, the conclusion that "it's not unfair" does not follow from your premise

That's because you already decided that the system is corrupt without having actual facts to back it up. I'm not denying there's corruption but not in the quantities you believe there is.

And I don't get your usage of fictive, which is defined as creating or created by imagination, because all laws are fictive.

Fictive as "UNREAL". The laws regarding copyright infringement being a crime are real.

Comment Re:Yes - known for years. (Score 1) 434

will continue to be. It may not be an all metal case (which is what my fascination with the MacBook was all about), but it's as inflexible as the MacBook due to the internal metal frame, and that has stood up very well for me.

May I ask why the fascination with the aluminum case? Plastic can be as strong and even stronger than aluminum if it has the same bends and lips in it. To me the only major advantage aluminum is it's ability to transfer heat away from the components but in this case the case is not designed to do so.

The other advantage is the look of polished or brushed aluminum. Lenovo has produced equivalents with plastics but the finish doesn't last like it does with aluminum.

Comment Re:Fines should be like banks (Score 1) 144

The studios are desperate to see mass copyright infringement disappear. When it was 1 in 1000 people using these services it wasn't so much an issue but now 1 in 3 people I know own a TV box that uses XBMC or Popcorn Time or other services. That's revenue they'll never see because it's too easy to avoid paying because for most it doesn't feel like its illegal (Ignorance is bliss).

The reality is that in court they will settle for much less as previous cases listed here have shown. In Canada software piracy fines are minimal and usually only include the requirement to purchase all pirated software hence making things even.

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