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by Rato Ruter (#46719403) Attached to: Navy Creates Fuel From Seawater

Any citation on this? From what I remember they were always flex, even if sometimes you might have to manually adjust something.

Since you quoted wikipedia, there it goes: ethanol fuel in Brazil. To get the info in a glimpse, check for the caption on the first image of the section (the FIAT 147 one), and read on for further info.

But I know where your misconception comes from: only recently pure ethanol has been used. It was used both as solute and as solvent to gasoline. As a solute, up to 25% volume, it was used to reduce gasoline dependency; and as a solvent to gasoline it was used to help deal with cold start problems of the ethanol prior to electronic injection, but cars were classified as ethanol fueled or gasoline fueled, nevertheless.

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by Rato Ruter (#46718063) Attached to: Navy Creates Fuel From Seawater
Since the 1970's, cars have been run on ethanol; but until recently (post 2000 or so), you had to choose either gasoline or ethanol and buy a car based on this choice. Nowaday most (if not all) new cars produced there are capable of using both in any proportion. And where would the biodiesel come from? Algae for fuel is something I hadn't heard before, I'll look into it. One promissing source of fuel is the digestion of celulose, this is what I'm hoping for.

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All it takes is the first commercial project producing bio-fuel to start making money, then development work will drop the price of biofuel even as the cost of extracting fossil fuel will continue to rise.

Did you know that since the 1970's around half the cars in Brazil are fueled by ethanol produced from sugar cane? You would think that a demonstration this wide was convincing enough, but here we are still gargling oil.

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by Rato Ruter (#45037335) Attached to: How The NSA Targets Tor
To make a long story short, Tor warns about this in the site, if not with the exact words, anyone capable of watching outgoing traffic from a machine and incoming traffic to the destination server may be able to match both. Thinking that most internet traffic goes through the US, it not really a surprise they are able to do so. Saying they will *never* be able to de-anonymize all Tor users to me sounds like a trap, an attempt to make users feel safe, but instead might just be a computational power issue.

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Given all of that, if advertisements are unavoidable I'd prefer random advertisements that are totally untargeted to who I am and what I do. I know, I know, that is "unprofitable" for the service providers and merchants.

You really woud rather have a penis enlargement ad, nsfw banner or pyramid scheme ad instead of whatever it is you get? You know that no matter how good the offer they're showing you are not required to click, or spend money, on it, don't you?

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I may be breaking the fundamental rules of Slashdot, but ... - the "article" is a single post on a recently created blog - they misspell "lose" - a quick google of Brett Wooldrige doesn't bring up anything exciting (a Forbes blog account with no content?)

This is the very definition of "nothing to see here, move along".

You're misinterpreting, this guy is so good he leaves no digital footprints! =P

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Start naming please.

Just for the sake of participating, I'm from Brazil, 34yo, and in my lifetime - until about my 15th birthday in fact, before Real - we had 6 currencies I can remember: Cruzeiro, Cruzado, Cruzeiro Novo (New Cruzeiro), Cruzado Novo (New Cruzado - this one might have come before the previous), Cruzeiro Real, Real (which we have until today)


+ - Ask Slashdot: Where to buy Nexus devices in Europe

Submitted by Rato Ruter
Rato Ruter (1008363) writes "I'll be travelling to Europe from Brazil next month. Google won't sell their devices here (even though we're almost civilized :-P). I'll travel to London, Rome and Paris, in this order, spending 5 days in each city. I'd rather make the purchase in London to have the device since the beggining of the trip. The device I have in mind is the Nexus 10, but would settle for a Nexus 7. I'm thinking about brick and mortar stores due to time constraints, but some superfast delivery eletronic store would be nice too. Any suggestions?"

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