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Comment: Re:What about migrating phones? (Score 2) 80

by Rathus (#44461263) Attached to: Google Announces Android Device Manager For Later This Month
It doesn't, sadly. It just reinstalls all your apps you've purchased. At Google I/O this year they did however unveil a way to devs to store your saved games in a secure section of google drive including features like conflict resolution (merging saves from 2 different devices). It's up to the devs to actually make use of these features however.

Comment: Re:More bloat... (Score 1) 285

by Rathus (#26799057) Attached to: Firefox 3.2 Plans Include Natural Language, Themes

Not to let Firefox off the hook, but the link in that bug loads a tag list, which the page writer geniusly decided to non-breaking space the entire thing. It's essentially treating almost 1 Mbyte of text as a single word 90,000 letters long (850,000 including font sizing tags). I replaced one of the non-breaking spaces with a normal space and the page loads instantly and type ahead search works perfect.

You can't necessarily blame Firefox every time a web designer makes a bad choice.

Stupidity, like virtue, is its own reward.