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Comment Re:Time to short? (Score 1) 137

I beg to differ regarding your account of a PS2 looking like crap on an HDTV. Judging by the description of your television, I take it you are probably looking at an LCD or plasma screen 46" in size, in which case I am out of my element as far as the gaming experience. On my 26" 16:9 CRT HDTV, however, the PS2 looks excellent by my standards, doubly so when I'm able to invoke the blessed "Progressive" setting that games such as God of War offer. But even on meager SD games, the graphics look just fine to my eyes, far from the unplayable mess you describe. I often find myself saying, "This is good enough for me," while playing and wonder what's the fuss with these new-fangled systems that brag about 1080p. If you're playing an excellent game, the graphics are just a means to an end and I often don't even notice them if it has captivated my attention like it should have.

Having said that, I agree that there can be stinkers out there where it is obvious that the developers clearly didn't have the budget necessary to take advantage of some of the higher quality things you can do on the system. Bargain bin titles such as "Jeremy McGrath Supercross World" or "Warriors of Might and Magic" spring immediately to mind. That's not a criticism of the console, as you can find titles on almost any system that just stick out like a sore thumb and look sub-par regardless of the video monitor employed.

"A garbled mess," that's "probably going to look terrible," you say? Hardly, however I'd be interested to know the make and model of your particular TV set, that I might avoid purchasing it in the future. As an aside, part of my livelihood revolves around calibrating high-end projectors and LCDs, so my eyes have been trained tolerably well to spot the deficiencies you describe, yet I see nothing remotely resembling such. I'll admit that I grew up with an Intellivision and ColecoVision, so admittedly I'm easily impressed. That a video gaming system maxes out at 480p does not in my book constitute a show-stopping limitation, and the fact that the Wii and PS2 are selling so well only seems to support that viewpoint.

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