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Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 1) 226

I completely understand why [...] most websites wouldn't want to have comments. I think 75% of the time they're more trouble than they're worth[...]

Yeah, well, at least fucking Slashdot still allows fucking comments. Can you imagine Slashdot without all our fucking insightful comments?

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Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 492

For the record - the president vetoes. The Congress passes bills or not. Trump and any president can submit whatever bills/ideas/threats to the Congress they want. Then, they can go to committee (after significant or no modification) or not, they can be voted on in committee (after significant or no modification) or not, they can be debated in Congress (after significant or no modification) or not, they can be voted on in Congress (after significant or no modification) or not.

So yeah, it is very hard to get things done in Congress.

Comment Irony of this story... (Score 1) 260

I think what Steve Jobs was saying was (he thought) people wanted to own their music (so no DRM, but initially it was a requirement post-Napster internet) and not stream it. Music is (was) a type of identity but more people now seem to want to stream and not buy so much. I have 2 teens (you mileage may vary) - my daughter gets most of her music from spotify, my son listens to entire albums on youtube. They have no interest in my mp3 collection. I would imagine there is so much free steaming (pandora, spotify, youtube) many people now see music as ever present and free. Not sure how that's going to change.

Comment ICU doctor here.... (Score 1) 136

This really intrigues me because it never struck me that this could be a mechanism for antibiotic resistance. It is even more interesting to me knowing the first CRE (Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae)

clearly arose in India [source]

but the reasons weren't clear to me and I just naively assumed it was a random mutation. India, also according to to that same paper has quite a problem with antibiotic resistance which one wouldn't expect as there isn't so much of a problem with antibiotic overuse as there seems to be in the West. So, maybe not so random and maybe we have honed in on a legit reason for growing resistance.

Comment Re:blu rays are cheaper than the movie (Score 1) 400

This is the same excuse many people use about eating out in a restaurant or having a drink in a pub. Yes, at home it will be cheaper, but this is often not about just the money. It should be about social contact.

I like the sentiment of OP's post, and for sure bars, restaurants there is a social element. But for movies? The most social they get is a glance to your buddy/SO in a "did you just see that" kind of way.

Comment Re: Beta is illogical (Score 1) 401

Takeaway from that article - you may lucky if you are a Japanese ex-smoker non-progressor. I tell my patients that lung function declines with age regardless of smoking history, however the decline is faster in active smokers. (Yes I am a pulmonary/critical care doctor IRL)

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