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Comment Chinese space walks have bubbles from suits! (Score 1) 18

So are the Chinese really in space? Or are they in a pool, faking the footage?

Why did an astronaut's helmet recently start filling up with water? And why did they announce, on MSM TV, that they were converting half of the tubing inside the suit into snorkels? See this one, of many, articles on the subject:

Why would an astronaut need a snorkel, in space?

NASA is becoming a laughingstock. The fake footage might have fooled us in the 60s, but these days we have the "Internet hive mind" to look through and discover anomalies, like the square box surrounding the Earth in pictures from the moon, visible when you play with the optical settings in Photoshop -- i.e., it was added, it was not a part of the original picture.

Comment NASA lies; how can one ever trust a liar again? (Score -1, Troll) 42

2.3 trillion dollars can buy a lot of Hollywood fakery. That's the amount that Rumsfeld announced was missing the day before a "plane" destroyed the financial section of the Pentagon.

Why have all the governments of the world sealed off Antarctica and space from us? It started in the late 50s when Admiral Byrd found something in Antarctica, and all countries pulled their forces out and signed a "keep out" treaty which isn't negotiable until 2040.

The ISS is in a pool somewhere on Earth, you can tell when you see the bubbles rising from their helmets during a "spacewalk" when they bump something (it's difficult to get all the air bubbles out). It's similar to the pools you see them train in, except this one is done up to look "real". Look for the guy wearing scuba tanks and flippers swimming inside the open hatch. That's not regulation space attire! Also the hairspray so you don't see the women's hair being jerked around by the turbulence (they use the "vomit comet" planes which have been made up to look like the ISS, which is why no part of it is wider than an airplane cabin) -- they got enough feedback that it was ridiculous and she cut her hair short (in zero-G? There must have been hair everywhere!).

The truth is being revealed. Some of us will see it sooner than others. Please, look into it yourself -- "Flat Earth Clues" by Mark Sargent is well-produced, concise, and informative. Then go out and replicate some of the experiments; I've seen a city across the water when it should have been "below the curvature" and I've also tested that moonlight makes things colder, not warmer (the key there is if it's reflected sunlight, then it should still make things warmer -- perhaps not as much as the direct sun does -- but instead, it's warmer in the shadows of the moonlight!).

NASA was founded by Nazis brought over in Operation Paperclip, and the astronauts who "walked on the moon" were all Masons, who take a blood oath (Luciferian) which they say supersedes all other oaths (which makes sense, if they've really sold their souls), and who are members of a secret society meaning they keep secrets among themselves, which means they spread lies outside their group. Don't trust them, or governments. Trust your senses.

Comment The ISS is in a pool, not in space! (Score 0) 16

Both the US space agency and the Chinese space agency have these troubling issues with their "space" footage: bubbles are seen escaping from the suits! This is evidence that the footage is being taken underwater, rather than in space. In fact, in one of the US space agency's "space walk" videos, a person wearing scuba equipment can be see hiding out in the hatch!

NASA lies. Once you know you're dealing with a liar, everything else they say is suspect.

Comment NASA lied about moon missions; what else? (Score 0) 30

Recent NASA info says we can't get past the Van Allen belts -- the radiation will fry a person.

So, how did the Apollo 11 astronauts get through? Answer: they didn't.

Stanley Kubrick was hired to fake it. Then he was murdered 3 days after revealing this in an interview (just before "Eyes Wide Shut" came out, which he contractually forced it to come out on the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11).

See the hints in the Shining: "A11 work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Note carefully that the typewriter did not show "All" -- it's "A11", as in "Apollo 11".

I don't trust Masons. They take a blood oath saying all previous and future oaths are subservient to this (Masonic) oath. Every single Apollo astronaut was a Mason.

Submission + - Remastersys Fork - Linux Respin up and running->

aicra writes: Remastersys is a free and open source program for Debian, Ubuntu-based, Linux Mint or derivative software systems used to:
                Create a customized Live CD/Live USB (a remaster) of Debian and its derivatives.
                Back up an entire system, including user data, to an installable Live CD/DVD.

This project was abandoned in April 2013. In late 2014, a group of developers in the Phoenix, Arizona area — part of Copper LUG, led the effort to fork this project. They obtained the original source from fragadelic who was the lead on the Remastersys project. The CLI and GTK are completed for Debian 64. Source and Debs available on Github. Volunteers welcome!

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Comment Re:Whistle blower (Score 0) 601

Agree 100%.

The definition of "conspiracy" is: two or more people hiding their actions from one or more other people. (Like: surprise party; or, the mafia.)

Thus, if the government "classifies" something, it is a conspiracy by definition! They (one or more people) are hiding their actions from the public (one or more people).

So it's no stretch to say government conspires. Does government classify? Yes. Thus, government conspires.

Submission + - DMCA Movie - Finally?->

aicra writes: Will we finally have a DMCA movie? The documentary project has been on Sourceforge since before Freshmeat went out... Is this movie finally coming this summer?
Asking for help with digitization of analog film on LUG mailing list.

If people sign up to help, could it actually _finally_ happen?

Teaser trailers:

DMCA Movie? Featuring — the community? Maybe!

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Submission + - Fixedubuntu OPTY OUT available now.->

aicra writes: The opt in data collection/spyware in Ubuntu is set by default. According to some sources, Ubuntu won't release an opted out by default version of the distro until October. Here is Fixedubuntu Opty Out — complete with opt out and cinnamon desktop environment.

Mirrors are appreciated!

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Submission + - Canonical Presence in LUG events

aicra writes: Recently, I noticed a "strong" Canonical presence at our LUG events. More specifically, at our installfests, the AZ Ubuntu loco "team" was pushing Ubuntu Unity on our attendees. In fact, they tried to call it an AZ Ubuntu event when I started this installfest over 10 years ago. I have been absent for various reasons but started going again. These statewide Ubuntu teams have been popping up all over the place and pushing their way into LUGs in California and Arizona. Have you experienced any of this type of Ubuntu action in your state? With the news of the Nokia/MS/Ubuntu handshake to get your data and advertise with the phone and the collecting user data by Ubuntu to send to Amazon, I wonder if it isn't time to boycott Ubuntu altogether... What do you think?

Comment Re:Flat UI Design (Score 1) 165

While everybody is entitled to their opinions, there is a real benefit to flat user interfaces. When done well, flat user interfaces remove the confusing decorations of skeumorphism (the practice of incorporating the look of an object that was made in another material into a design) so that a user can more easily identify and interact with the content or task at hand.

As with anything, there are extremes that can be taken too far and with flat user interfaces you have to be aware of removing too much distinguishing signifiers so a user can no longer tell what it is that the interface is expected to do. I like some of the flat UI treatments Apple has done in iOS and Yosemite. However, I'm not a fan of the excessive use of transparency in Yosemite. I think it's applied incorrectly and arbitrarily in too many locations. Transparencies, in my mind, are more closely associated with skeumorphic design than flat design and their use in the Yosemite beta is a step backward.

Comment Re:This is why PHP continues to thrive (Score 1) 213

Typo3 - good lord what an utter piece of crap and a UX nightmare. You hit it on the head with job security - that's why it's always been hard to use and always will be. And TypoScript. Words cannot describe the "why does this even exist?" cry from my soul every time I had to look at it.

Part of the reason I quit my last job was because of Typo3. If I never see it again, it will be too soon.

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