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User Journal

Journal: Have some integrity, people!

Journal by Ranten_N_Raven

Some people will mod down those they disagree with, marking the post as Troll or Over Rated just because they disagree--without regard for the quality of the post.


Consider the post by tomstdenis at

Tomstdenis is my foe, but I moderated that comment as Insightful. Some others caled that Over Rated, and some IDIOTS called it a Troll.

Come on people! Get some integrity!

User Journal

Journal: If I just changed our relationship, there's a reason

Journal by Ranten_N_Raven

I've recently been so enraged at the unbelievably stupid comments of some folks that I just *HAD* to mark them as foes. The 200 relations limit meant I had to drop some folks to do so. I chose mostly friends who appear to have not been active on Slashdot for a while. No offense meant to you.

To my new foes, however . . . Well, I find them quite offensive!

User Journal

Journal: Ranten N. Raven's ravings

Journal by Ranten_N_Raven

I am a strict constitutionalist. The words are generally clear. The Bill of Rights is especially so.

Freedom of speech, religion, etc., are core issues for me. Say that my rights should be trampled and you are my foe. Laws restricting these fundamental rights of the people are subject to strict scrutiny--they must serve a compelling state interest and be narrowly tailored to serve only that interest.

Though I don't like the KKK, they have free speech. Though I don't like Islam, they have freedom of religion.

Such it is with the right of the people to keep and bear arms. You don't like it? Too bad. It's a fundamental right.

"You must have an IQ of at least half a million." -- Popeye