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Comment: Re:Yes, but it won't make any difference. (Score 2) 406

by Rantank (#44956767) Attached to: Can There Be a Non-US Internet?
There is a major difference between China and America though. America is expansionist and a colonial power in nature, China is not. China's only interests in the outside world are face, advantage and income. China doesn't give a crap how many pressure cookers someone wants to buy, but if you want to buy some, they'd like to sell them to you. A Chinese influenced internet would probably remove anonymity and hand control of local users to the respective governments while preserving national borders and security. That's going to be a very easy sell to many countries.

In the short term the Chinese have banned the purchase of American networking hardware, and instead requires people to buy Chinese or if that's not available to buy European. In the long term, China has a history of putting it's money where it's mouth is when it comes to fixing situations it doesn't like. Tricks will only work once against China, after that they start working on a solution to prevent it ever happening again. It may take them years but expect that to occur with the internet too.

I don't know if the American government was naive or incompetent but they only have themselves to blame for how the world evolves the internet because of this. In the end we've lost something that may never have existed in the first place, but we lost it all the same. Thanks America... thanks for nothing.... talk about an own goal...

Comment: No, just no. (Score 2) 772

by Rantank (#44507775) Attached to: Should the Next 'Doctor Who' Be a Woman?
If you want a sci-fi story with a strong female protagonist, then feel free to write one. Leave the doctor alone. He is a he, has been a he, and should remain a he. He's had complex relationships that would be all too complicated and distracting to bring up and try to weave into a "she". And this isn't that kind of story. It's not meant to be going into social situations and analysing them. It's sonic screwdrivers, weeping angels, tardis and interesting companions. Go away with your politically correct nonsense.

Comment: Re:Strangely... (Score 5, Insightful) 397

by Rantank (#44466953) Attached to: Obama Administration Overrules iPhone Trade Ban
Seems to me the Prez just gave permission for good wholesome American companies to take on anyone they like, and if they lose in any way, shape or form, he'll make sure there's no real harm done. I wonder how long before foreign companies start ring-fencing America as just too expensive and corrupt to operate in.

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