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Comment: Re:Never played DS 1 or 2. Any opinions on them? (Score 1) 84

by Ranma-sensei (#32509292) Attached to: <em>Dungeon Siege III</em> Being Developed by Obsidian
Difficult, eh?

IMO, the only way to die in-game would be to set options to manual control (assuming you didn't already do that) and then go away for half an hour or so (while in the middle of a boss fight, mind you!).

Personally, I hated DS2, while I basically loved DS1 - at least in Co-op.

Comment: Sources I ommitted... (Score 1) 1

by Ranma-sensei (#32506832) Attached to: Second German Game Awards a Farce, again

+ - Second German Game Awards a Farce, again-> 1

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Ranma-sensei writes: "I know it's a little late to report this, but the following issue has been covered too little in the press (and not at all at Slashdot).

On April 29th, the second German Game Awards have been bestowed to games with innovative, cultural and educational value. The problem is, it' more or less a big joke (English translation). First and foremost there has to be noted that Anno 1404 and Dawn of Discovery are one and the same game. And second, and this is why Anno won in two categories: no nominated game that featured violence in more than the most abstract form really stood a chance.

And yet, even though the assembled press laughed at them, politicians nationwide proclaim this award an essential step towards acceptance of games as cultural heritage. Oh, come on, how is this gonna help us?"

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Comment: My methods: (Score 1) 308

by Ranma-sensei (#32361384) Attached to: Video Gamers Have Power Over Their Dreams
-) I have to go, but afterwards I don't feel relieved.
-) I am somewhere high above ground and I don't care (I am deathly afraid of heights, in RL)
-) I am Ranma Saotome
-) I am the Scourge of the post-apocalyptic wastes
-) continue with any video game cliché you like

The high-above-ground-stuff usually preludes some fun boss fights, I tell ya.

Comment: It all comes down to preference (Score 1) 646

by Ranma-sensei (#32262662) Attached to: Firefox Is Lagging Behind, Its Co-Founder Says
I mean, I liked Opera from the very beginning, but I never even got close to liking Firefox (which I'm forced to use at work); which is interesting, because I liked the Netscape Navigator (not much, but I did).

Yet, my best friend just loves FF, while he finds Opera too restrictive (don't ask).

One of my co-workers OTOH prefers IE, although she permanently manages to infect her laptop (yeah, I know: O.o).

So, as far as preference goes, there's all kinds of flavors to choose from, so why all this bickering?

Comment: Funny... (Score 1) 310

by Ranma-sensei (#32123522) Attached to: Wii 2 Delay Is Hurting Nintendo

The reason for this is clear: the software being created is just not interesting enough or compelling enough to drive Wii owners to buy more than two [games] per year, [...]

Counting only the real games I possess for the Wii, I'd say it exists for more than 12 years...

[...] and most of those purchases are first party software.

Interesting... What Nintendo Wii is he talking about?

Comment: Re:Blackberry? (Score 1) 253

by Ranma-sensei (#32083840) Attached to: BlackBerry Predicted a Century Ago By Nikola Tesla
I'll tell you once I find out. You could even go as far as claim he predicted the internet, for that matter.

Anyway; product placement aside, it really isn't that surprising he predicted wireless communication. I mean, look at his areas of scientific interest and research.

What I'm still waiting for is generation of energy from thin air, preferably cheaply available to anyone.

Comment: Re:What bugs me... (Score 1) 472

by Ranma-sensei (#32083670) Attached to: IE Market Share Falls To Historic Low

At least now two alternative engines are starting to get recognition around the world, and newer one of those two seems to strive more for standards compliance (they wouldn't make this post otherwise). There was a time when a lot of sites appeared to be made primarilly with "IE + FF" in mind...which didn't really change that much in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks. Quite interesting, though it only seems to test JavaScript compliance, as far as I understand it.

But now perhaps sites will, to a greater degree, simply target standards... (just look at the link above to see why that's great news for you)

No news to me, but thanks again.

BTW, regarding safety of Opera - considering that it's big in post Soviet Block areas (typically #2 browser; in places #1, ahead of IE already)...maybe they just don't want to eat their turd? ;)

I frankly can't figure out an answer to that.

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