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Comment: Turkish Twist ban... (Score 2) 29

The Turkish Twist ban, however, remains firmly in effect as Erdogan's shuddering remembrance of the projectile vomit he was forced to clean up at the fair, during his summer job in high school, brushes aside the media's criticism of his hard-lined approach.

Comment: Re:NASA actually landed men on the moon? (Score 2) 54

by RandomUsername99 (#46586027) Attached to: The Mystery of the 'Only Camera To Come Back From the Moon'

Well *I* saw a documentary that said that these cameras were really Federal Reserve Bank mini chemtrails planes dispatched by the Illuminati filled with MMR vaccines designed to give the moon babies of the Area 51 aliens space autism... ...they ARE very socially awkward...

Most people that were interested in tempting someone back to their place to play with butt toys would just try and woo them with a couple of strong drinks and some sweet talk, instead of the creepy abduction/space roofies crap that they seem to be fond of... but I don't think autism necessarily makes someone more likely to go down that path. Maybe space autism does.

Comment: JP2 is used, just not on the web. (Score 1) 155

by RandomUsername99 (#46420759) Attached to: New Mozilla Encoder Improves JPEG Compression

Yeah, lots of universities use it for a lot of things, like scientific and cultural heritage images... they serve the images up, if need be, through the proprietary lurawave image server... not a great solution from a systems perspective, but it's what they like.

Personally, I think the lack of widespread adoption makes it a serious preservation concern.

Comment: I'd have stayed in school (Score 2) 116

by RandomUsername99 (#46065001) Attached to: High School Students Develop Linux Imaging and Help Desk Software

The people that point out existing technologically superior software solutions are being unforgivably obtuse.

Of course there are existing open source and commercial options out there, that make this high school student implemented project technologically obsolete; there are also existing craftspeople and professionally run woodworking shops that make the products in wood shop class obsolete, as well as many tailors, restaurants, fashion schools, and culinary schools that crush what home-ec classes teach... Not to mention the many science-oriented-businesses with technology and products that dwarf the technology that you would find at a high school science fair. See it for what it is: a learning experience!!

If there was some alternate dimension where I had had a chance to work on a project like this in high school, I probably would not have gotten kicked out for boredom fueled truancy, and would have worked my way into a decent comp-sci program at a college rather than working my way up in my 20s through shitty tech support and lower level IT positions... I Would have been making my current, totally decent software dev salary YEARS before I actually earned it in this dimension.

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