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Comment: Without their permission (Score 5, Interesting) 98

by RandomFactor (#48377975) Attached to: Carmakers Promise Not To Abuse Drivers' Privacy

customer ... Information ... wont be ... all kinds of stuff ... without their permission.

I'm told I gave permission for things that I in no way gave permission for (consciously) far to often to buy that one.

They'll just add permissions to the shrink wrap license on your smart ignition key (or your XM radio, live maps, emergency service, or some other needed/desirable function). Pesky 'privacy' problem solved!

Comment: Re:I know! (Score 1) 545

by RandomFactor (#47925929) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9
I have Windows and Mint also. (Primarily windows, though that's a practicality thing for me, not a preference.) - Windows doesn't stay running months on end unless you don't patch. That's not an indictment of Windows, it is just the reality of maintaining a system well in that environment. - Why do people assume that if they don't experience a problem that the person that does is simply wrong/crazy/imagining/stupid. - If you don't run Windows routinely and keep it updated (which sounds like the case in the GP), then when you do boot it, EVERYTHING wants to update* and your experience is horrible until it all completes. Also not an indictment of Windows, just reality. * (unless you convince yourself that you can do it better and smarter than various manufacturers and lock down all automatic updates, which I posit is a bad idea generally for non corporate systems...and particularly those where someone boots into the OS out of protest once in a blue moon...)

Comment: Upside? (Score 1) 495

by RandomFactor (#47358639) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Down Domains
I got the MS Notification on the activity at work.

There were 200 different items of malware being served across 22,037 separate malicious domains. If there are 4 million customers, and 1:1 customers to domains, that is about 180 innocent domains for every one malicious one.

I'm all in favor of shutting down botnets and i can see the results (for a while) in spam volumes hitting us when actions like this are taken, but this much collateral damage seems likely to hinder future efforts.

Comment: Re:that's not "astroturfing" (Score 1) 142

by RandomFactor (#47179259) Attached to: Cable Companies Use Astroturfing To Fight Net Neutrality

Corporations aren't ~allowed~ to consider "the greater good" over that profit, Granted, in retrospect, this looks like it turned into a good marketing move, but going into it, the history of such things would have indicated this was going to be little more than a money pit.

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