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Comment Somewhat legit (Score 1) 340

Just want to confirm that I checked my current home IP, it has four entries, two of which are definitely episodes I downloaded, two are someone else's listed from a previous month. I think it's safe to say they're 'legit' insofar as they're recording actual activity and querying it honestly at least some of the time.

Comment Re:Android 2.2 helping with this? (Score 1) 315

The support is looking pretty good so far for 2.1 if not 2.2 - Motorola have committed to updating pretty much all their older phones to 2.1 before the years end, Samsung already has, SonyEricsson has committed to for the X10. Theoretically before Gingerbread is released everyone but G1 owners will have official Eclair (HTC haven't said anything official for the Magic but given that there's 2.1 for the hero which has identical hardware it can't be far off

Comment Re:I guess soon we'll see about Flash (Score 1) 154

Froyo includes the ability to store applications on the SD card so all you have to do it take out large applications until the ROM is small enough to fit in the G1's /system partition, install the ROM and then install whatever applications you couldn't fir on /system to the SD card and you have a fully functioning ROM (Flash performance will not be great based on the HTC Hero's flash lite performance). I can't think of a way to modify your Ferrari analogy which makes sense though :)

Comment Re:Not a checkbox, a shortcut... (Score 1) 208

OK, go to the market, download 'helixlauncher' (the default android 'launcher' (homescreen application) isn't installed by default like it is in this video, then follow this process, selecting 'helixlauncher' instead of sense! - if you don't like it, just go through it again, select sense and you'll be back to normal

Comment Re:Not a checkbox, a shortcut... (Score 2, Informative) 208

All you have to do is install a replacement 'launcher' app and set it as default - helixlauncher is quite nice, gives you almost stock android but has a persistent dock for 4 icons which don't change when you swap homescreens. There are other versions like advanced launcher / launcher2 out there which offer variations of stock android and then things like home++ which mix things up, but not to the same degree as sense.

Without flashing a different rom (which will require root, not sure if the incredible has that yet) you won't be able to get rid of the colour scheme and senseui apps but you can just launch alternatives (though I'm not sure why you'd want to, the sense browser and music player are a lot better than the stock android versions!)

Comment Re:Looking slightly dangerous for Rudd (Score 1) 255

Dumbing things down a lot.

Lower house - proposes laws
Senate - passes them or blocks and suggests revisions

Lower house is voted in by instant runoff preferential voting. You order the parties you like first to last and votes are counted. If one has over 50% of the vote, they get in. If not the party with the lowest votes is eliminated and their votes are distributed according to preferences. Repeat until one party gets over 50%

In the senate, all votes are counted, then you look at how many seats are up for grabs. Say there are 20. If a party has more than 5% of the vote, they get a seat and votes are distributed according to preferences (all of them, proportinally, so if one candidate gets 10% of the vote every vote is sent on to it's second preference at 50% of it's original weight (parties will usually have multiple candidates and so party A with 10% of the vote gets two different candidates elected). Repeat as long as someone has more than 5% of the vote, if they don't, eliminate the party with the lowest votes and redistribute.

So in the lower house it does boil down to being a two party system a lot of the time but smaller parties and independents do win seats - often becoming a deciding vote and getting more say than you'd think 1 seat would indicate)
In the upper house any party with a significant vote gets some representatives elected, it's quite good. Unfortunatly it seems around 80% of the population are mindless sheep and vote with one of the two major parties in the upper house DESPITE there being literally DOZENS to choose from! But that's the problem with democracy :(

Comment Re:The answer: (Score 1) 544

Bullshit, making the battery user removable doesn't affect the size you can make it at all, it's not like you save on room, the battery is still a separate component. My HTC magic actually has a larger capacity battery than the iPhone 3GS (4.9 vs 4.5 Whrs) in a slightly SMALLER form factor. The real reason apple doesn't have user replaceable batteries is they value their industrial design over function.

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