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Submission + - Polaroid deletes an important Photoshop plugin (alexsingleton.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: Photographer Alex Singleton says that Polaroid has deleted one of the most of the most useful Photoshop plug-ins — one that accurately removes dust and scratches from scanned photographs. He blames the removal of this tool on the bankruptcy process Polaroid suffered last year. He writes: 'The plugin was widely regarded on the net. I wonder if it really is gone forever. What a pity.'

Submission + - Laser 'tattoos' for labelling fruit (physorg.com) 3

arielCo writes: Those helpful-yet-annoying little stickers on fruits that tell the cashier the variety and brand may be replaced with a CO2 laser etching. Quoth the PhysOrg article: "the laser cauterizes the peel, much like when a laser is used on human skin. The cauterized area is impenetrable to pathogens and decay organisms and resists water loss". Demonstrated on a grapefruit, it is due for testing on "tomatoes, avocado and other citrus fruits". The original paper (abstract) requires a paid subscription.

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