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Comment: Manager's introduction to Test-Driven Development (Score 1) 312

by Randlaeufer1998 (#34744568) Attached to: How Do You Prove Software Testing Saves Money?
Dave Nicolette gives a great talk called Manager's Introduction to Test-Driven Development in which he explains to non-technical people why software tests matter. You might want to skip the TDD-with-Excel example at the beginning and start with Dave's points about technical debt. Good luck.

Comment: Finally (Score 1) 94

by Randlaeufer1998 (#31762610) Attached to: Multimodal, Multitouch Gaming Gaining Traction
I tried to love iPhone gaming. Unfortunately the touchscreen display has many problems when game controls are ported to the iPhone unchanged. You will want to eat babies as you're trying to control your character using a virtual d-pad or the built-in acceleromater. I'm glad touchscreen devices might finally get more games designed specifically for them.

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