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Comment Re:De-ja-vu (Score 1) 259

I would think it's more than 3 states...
Xcel Energy is my energy provider (western Wisconsin) and they have that same rule, more or less...

From November 1 till April 15 they can't shut us off. They can send all the disconnect notices they want and we still get power. Now come April if we still haven't paid past dues... the power can be shut off and the bill just sent to collections.


Comment Re:If Linux wants to have broader adoption... (Score 1) 645

Linux on the desktop, from the store, for average people, with first-party support.

Mandrake, now Mandriva is just that. I actually bought a retail copy from Best Buy(don't shoot me!) many years ago, and it has all that, including games. Tux Racer was fun! :)

Operating Systems

Should Being Competitive With Windows Matter For Linux? 645

An anonymous reader writes "Is Linux being held back by distributions bent on competing with Microsoft Windows? This article argues that it's a real possibility. Quoting: '... what was apparent early on during my Linux adoption was my motivation for making the switch in the first place — no longer wanting to use Windows. This is where I think the confusion begins for most new Linux adopters. As we make the switch, we must fight the inherent urge to automatically begin comparing the new desktop experience to our previous experiences with Windows. It's a completely different set of circumstances, folks. ... The fact that one platform can support a specific device while the other platform cannot (and so on) doesn't really solve the problem of getting said device working. You can see where this dysfunction of thought can become a big problem, fast."

Frustrated Reporter Quits After Slow News Day 178

Norwegian radio journalist Pia Beathe Pedersen quit on the air complaining that her bosses were making her read news on a day when "nothing important has happened." Pedersen claimed that broadcaster NRK put too much pressure on the staff and that she "wanted to be able to eat properly again and be able to breathe," during her nearly two-minute on-air resignation.

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