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Submission + - Facebook Brand Timelines? Meh. (

Hieronymus.N writes: Facebook launched their new Brand Timelines this week, and the tubes lit up with reviews and commentary about the new features. Reviews have been consistently positive and enthusiastic, with everyone from Mashable to Forbes verily gushing about the superiority of this latest advancement over the old way brands were able to use FB—better photos! Better layout! Private messages!

This latest ‘breakthrough’ may be better than what came before, but it’s still incredibly weak in comparison with what’s possible. In short, FB pages for brands, Brand Timelines and all, still suck.


Submission + - Fastest Ultrabook Yet: Dell's XPS 13 (

MojoKid writes: "The ultrabook onslaught continues with offerings from virtually all the major players. Dell's first effort in the new ultralight notebook category is the XPS 13. Built on a low power Intel Core i7-2637M mobile processor, backed with a 256GB 6Gbps mSATA SSD and 4GB of RAM, the XPS 13 is actually one of the fastest ultrabooks out there right now. Its display is nicely setup too, with a 13.3-inch LCD that has edge-to-edge glass. Dell actually managed to squeeze a 13.3-inch panel into what is essentially a 12-inch form factor. Finally, it appears ultrabooks could give the Apple MacBook Air a run for its money."

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