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Comment Re:They aren't really still blaming DPRK, are they (Score 1) 51

Let us not forget either, that it was hardly the only high-profile hack on Sony in recent years which showed them to be exhibiting signs of severe negligence with regards to network security basics.

Sony Pictures, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Sony Music are all completely separate companies. Maybe they all have shitty security- but none of the same people are involved.

Comment Re:This is great (Score 3, Interesting) 73

A similar idea is to use electric vehicles in people's garages to "time shift" demand. Nevada Power (and I'm sure others) offers a rate plan for EV owners where power is much cheaper after 11pm and more expensive in the afternoons. Cars can already be set to start to wait until a set time to begin charging.

Power companies spend a lot of money building "peaker" power plants that are only needed between 4pm and 7pm. Theoretically, when a power company hits its supply limit, it could put a call out to any EV currently plugged in saying "I'll pay 6 cents per kWh for what's in your battery". If they don't get as much power as they need, they would put out another request at 7 cents. If you paid 4 cents the previous night, that's a good deal for everyone. The car would be set up with rules about what price you want and how much power you're willing to part with.

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