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Comment: Re:SlashDot Is Watching You (Score 2) 75

by Ralph Wiggam (#48173113) Attached to: Kickstarter Cancels Anonabox Funding Campaign

This isn't what the Internet was designed to be, its not the outpost of freedom we wanted. I am trully disappointed.

The internet was designed to be a way for DARPA contractors to share data without having to mail giant tape spools to each other. "We" didn't get involved until a couple decades later.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 2) 75

by Ralph Wiggam (#48173073) Attached to: Kickstarter Cancels Anonabox Funding Campaign

I believe that among this target market there is a belief that any off-the-shelf hardware is going to have NSA back doors in it.

And you can certainly hand make one unit for less than $7500. But setting up mass production of any consumer electronics product, even one based on stock boards, requires one or two orders of magnitude more money than that.

Comment: Re:Top to bottom (Score 1) 77

by Ralph Wiggam (#48171077) Attached to: An Air Traffic Control System For Drones

having to file a flight path befor the flight and waiting for the government official to give you the green light.

FTsummary- "The system will use what it knows about other drone flights, weather forecasts, and physical obstacles such as radio masts to give the go-ahead."

Where did you get that a "government official" would be involved?

Comment: Re:Telsa's lobbiest crashes (Score 0) 290

by Ralph Wiggam (#48162881) Attached to: Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales

Look at the existing franchise laws and how they are being used. It's not really a question that bribes are occurring, it's what lobbying is by it's very definition.

No. Lobbying involves talking and bribery involves illegal money.

If it's "not really a question" then you should be able to provide tons of evidence to back up your claims. How about it?

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