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Comment: Re:America's War On Drugs is a Failure (Score 1) 110

by Ralph Wiggam (#49722053) Attached to: Silk Road's Leader Paid a Doctor To Help Keep Customers Safe

anyone willing to call out the WoD on it's uselessness might as well claim he fiddles little children's weewees at night, he might generate a lighter backlash with this claim.

No politician in our PC-heavy climate would even dare to think about it.

It's not 1986 anymore and the "PC-heavy climate" is entirely in your head.

Comment: Re:"Cashless" is meaningless (Score 2) 294

So, in the long run, Greece needs to leave the Euro. Except, a majority of Greeks want to stay in the Euro. Thus, the current Greek government wants to get kicked out, so they can blame the EU for it. But the EU does not want to take the blame, so they won't kick out Greece. What we have now, is a slow speed train wreck.

The part of the story I find interesting, that nobody is talking about, is that there are no written procedures for either kicking Greece out of the Euro Zone, or for Greece to voluntarily leave the Euro. One side or the other would have to unilaterally declare their action, and then dare the other side to deal with it. There will be 8000 lawsuits in 30 different courts asking judges to essentially create the rules as they go. Those cases could drag on for years. The financial markets would hate that kind of uncertainty.

Comment: Re:Bad title (Score 4, Informative) 416

by Ralph Wiggam (#49616543) Attached to: No, NASA Did Not Accidentally Invent Warp Drive

The energy of the thrust effect is basically lost in the measurement error. Hell, the device measuring it could be affecting the measured thrust.

That's not true. They're measuring 30-50 micronewtons on a device with a 10-15 micronewton margin of error. Do you seriously think that the NASA scientists who did the testing don't grasp how margin of error works?

Comment: Re:Here _I_ come? (Score 1) 216

by Ralph Wiggam (#49572635) Attached to: US Successfully Tests Self-Steering Bullets

never mind that they are whipping themselves up into a froth about the least common categories of gun violence.

It's the least common within the category of violent crimes. But a huge percentage of that category is drug and/or gang related crimes. If a suburban middle class person is going to be killed in random violence, it's likely going to be a psycho bringing a 100 round drum magazine into a movie theater- like what happened in Colorado a couple years ago. The same people are more likely to be killed non-randomly by a family member, but nobody wants to acknowledge that.

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