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Comment: It's snakeoil, and this is why: (Score 1, Insightful) 413

1. It's FLAC. nothing special.
2. If you're listening to it on $100 computer speakers, you might as well listen to 320kbps MP3s because you're not going to hear the difference on those crap speakers
. 3. Where do you listen to music? At your computer? Are you using the above mentioned speakers? Fail. If its charging via USB how is Pono going to isolate the noise in the USB Bus? If you are listening in your car - fuck off. You are NOT going to hear the difference over he road noise and attention distractions breaking your focus. AND I doubt the speakers or the amps in you car are much better than the junk attached to your computer.
4. Even if you have good speakers - what amp are you using? Your Preamp? Or is it going through some silver faced 1970s Pioneer reciever you got at Hipster Haven for $50?
What this is is very simple: It's a cranky old man who misses the old days of Rock and Roll business model, where music was impressed in spiraled disks - first vinyl, then polycarbonate. Those days are gone, so he's trying to open up some scarcity to create profit. He will fail.

Comment: The reason why this theory is horseshit (Score 1) 745

by Ralph Spoilsport (#46264255) Attached to: Mathematician: Is Our Universe a Simulation?
is it is subject to infinite regress. Let's pretend we are in a computer simulation cooked up by some advanced race of aliens. Who's to say that the advanced race of aliens isn't also locked up in a computer simulation by an even more advanced race of aliens, etc. ad infinitum. Since there is no stopping there is no point in entering. The best response to these idiots is to simply not play the game. Walk away and ignore them.

Comment: Because: (Score 1) 264

Grades are BULLSHIT. Grading should be as follows:
Extra Credit
Extra credit can only be granted with a second prof reviewing the work. Since profs don't like doing that, it would be rare and would really require extra-ordinary effort.

IMHO, that would solve a lot of problems. Grades are this weird Prussian overhang. They need to go away.

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