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Comment: Re:Solution in search of a problem (Score 1) 131

So, you'd be willing to pay extra to not have a phone? As I noted, we got those phones for FREE. They work fine. They're phones. They have cameras. I think I've used my phone camera, maybe 3 times in 2 years - so, I dig what you're saying. I couldn't care less if it had a phone or not. On the three occasions I needed one it was nice to have, but yes, I could live without it. But I got it for FREE. I'm not going to pay to not have one...

Comment: Solution in search of a problem (Score 2) 131

I have a cellphone. It is an Applie iPhone 3GS I got two years ago as a free upgrade from my flip phone.It works fine. My wife and daughter have Samsung Galaxy 3. They work. We can call each other and text each other, and if we have time, wecan play games on them and occasionally listen to music. Will this new device help that? Not really, not for FREE, which is what we paid for our phones. Ara is a solution to a problem we don't (and no one I know) has.

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MOST employers really don't give a flying fuck about your grades. You have a degree in CS? Cool - show me some code - show me an app you developed. Is it good?
Yes? Cool - you're hired. You got a C in (major subject in CS)? Who the fuck cares? Your code is good enough for our purposes.
No? Then you should have switched to English, and found some MEANING IN THIS CRUEL EXISTENCE other than being an entry level code monkey, which you clearly suck at anyway.

As a professor in a media dept, I always tell my students to have *exploitable skills*. I don't care what it is. Bicycle Repair. Programming. Editing. Whatevs. Because working in the arts is a crap shoot at best. Even the most determined and talented people don't necessarily make a living at it. So, sure - grind out a degree in something you dislike, get the job, and then get a Masters in English Lit or Comp or Painting or whatever. Then you will have the financial basis to do what keeps you sane (creativity) and the means to put food on the table (grinding out code for some bank to vertically extract billions off the backs of the taxpayers). Eventually, you will figure out what matters most to you: being true to your inner voice and convictions, or, finding out that your inner voice and conviction is being a slave and putting food on the table for your family. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH EITHER POSITION.

You are not a better person for going for the practical degree and being trained to do some skill for the mindless heartless maw of capitalism, any more than you are a better person for being that special snowflake and finding your purpose in life as a poet while you deliver letters as a postman, or as slinging coffee at Starbucks. Society needs all of it. I would much rather have the world's wittiest barrista serve me coffee and go home to attempt writing the Greatest Novel Ever than some mouth-breathing drone who goes home and watches TV and masturbates to re-runs of Baywatch. And if you're a mouth breathing drone, but have a knack for numbers - there's a place for you cranking code for some bank vertically extract billions off the backs of the taxpayers. Go for it. It pays really well.

In other words: there's room for everyone, and you need to find your place in things - just: Don't Be Stupid. It hurts to watch.

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by Ralph Spoilsport (#46794505) Attached to: The Design Flaw That Almost Wiped Out an NYC Skyscraper
"In return for getting a license and being regarded with respect, you're supposed to be self-sacrificing and look beyond the interests of yourself and your client to society as a whole."

No way! This is America! You're supposed to extract as much wealth as you can for yourself! Society as a whole doesn't exist!

So what if the building blows over and kills thousands - I guess we won't buy another building from those guys will we! The market takes care of that sort of thing - it's like magic!


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by Ralph Spoilsport (#46794483) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?
model AJ3935 by Philips/Magnavox. Wife and I bought it in 1995. Almost 20 years later it still plays CDs when we want to wake up. We have a habit of rarely changing the CDs. For the past 10 years we've been waking up to Apollo by Brian Eno. Before that it was the Carmelite Nun of Lucon's hammer dulcimer record, and before that it was Music for Airports.
Best alarm clock EVER.

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