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Comment: I still don't get it. (Score 0) 225

by Ralph Spoilsport (#47526187) Attached to: Black Holes Not Black After All, Theorize Physicists
Why is everyone so uncomfortable with the idea that something can be lost forever? How is that a problem? I'm perfectly sanguine with the idea that information can be lost or irretrievable. I'm perfectly sanguine with the idea that the universe will die of heat death. I'm also down with the idea that the Big Rip will swallow everything up in several billion years - talk about information loss... It just strikes me as fatuous and arrogant that humans think the universe has to work a certain rational, logical, way - like the universe gives a shit one way or the other.

Comment: once we get back to the Moon.... (Score 1, Interesting) 156

by Ralph Spoilsport (#47490281) Attached to: NASA: Lunar Pits and Caves Could House Astronauts
Um, no. We're not going to the moon or anywhere like it. The economy will likely collapse again before the end of the decade. There won't be the money or the resources. Sending robotic missions makes more sense. Sending people is a dumb idea. We evolved to live here. We are expensive to travel and hard to settle. Machines are constructed to do certain things in certain environments. They are more capable than humans in that regard. Send them to get fried by coronal mass ejections.

Comment: I live in Canada (Score 5, Insightful) 190

by Ralph Spoilsport (#47347413) Attached to: Eric Schmidt and Entourage Pay a Call On Cuba
We go there for vacation whenever the fuck we want. Americans need to get fucking clue and get over themselves. It's just fucking Cuba. No big deal. America has relations with China, and they've executed WAY more political prisoners than Cuba has, and you;re probably reading this on a Chinese built computer. So bag the anti-communist BS and grow up.

Comment: I don't get the mystery. (Score 2) 147

by Ralph Spoilsport (#47152471) Attached to: Strange New World Discovered: The "Mega Earth"
It's a large planet orbiting a star. It has no massive hydrogen/helium atmosphere, and that's a mystery, WHY? Well, let's see, park a planet about 20 million miles from its host star for ELEVEN BILLION YEARS and see how long the atmosphere hangs around, in the face of ELEVEN BILLION YEARS of stellar evolution, coronal mass ejections, and all the rest of it, and they're PUZZLED as to why it's not hte size of Neptune?WTF? I'm surprised it still exists at all...

Comment: Dear Microsoft (Score 1) 187

by Ralph Spoilsport (#47152415) Attached to: Windows 8.1 Finally Passes Windows 8 In Market Share
What did we want in Win8? Win 7 that WORKED. That's all, really. Simple stuff, like, maybe automatically calculating the size of folders. That would be nice. And maybe a scheduler that didn't have its head up its ass. Seriously. All this touch this and wooshy that WE DON'T CARE. WE NEVER DID.

we just want a computer that works. Perfectly and easily. Hard to do? Well, you CHARGE for your OS, so it's not like you don't have the green. But, no. You dreamed up Win8 and Metro and it sucks balls. No one wants it. It's bullshit. IF we want a tablet OS, WE'D BUY A FUCKING TABLET. Capeeeesh?

Now, kindly go back to the drawing board, fix Win7,and call it Win9, and we will all be happy and for a little while forget you're a bunch of assholes extracting wealth from a supine audience.

Comment: Sounds like a trip to Hawaii (Score 5, Funny) 40

by Ralph Spoilsport (#47144621) Attached to: NASA's Test Bed For Mars Chute: Kauai
Rather than Ridgecrest, California. I can practically hear the discussion now...

Scientist 1: So, we need to test this thing. I suppose we could talk to the folks at China Lake. It's nearby and cheap. We can stay at the Motel 6 in Ridgecrest.
Scientist 2: Yeah, we could do that, or have the Pacific dudes fire it over HAWAII and we get to hang out in Kawaii!!!!
Scientist 1: But that's expensive.
Scientist 2: Fuck that - it's HAWAII!!! It's in the USA! Good enough!
Scientist 1: Yeah, but...
Scientist 2: But nothin' dude - have you even been to Kawaii?
Scientist 1: No, but....
Scientist 2: but nothin' it's awesome. And it beats the living fuck out of Ridgecrest. You ever been to Ridgecrest?
Scientist 1: Yeah. It's hot. Out in the desert.
Scientist 2: Yeah, AND IT SUCKS! They have earthquakes like every other day out there. It's a miserable hell hole that's only rivaled by Barstow and Needles.
Scientist 1: Well, its not pretty, but it is nearby, and I don't think the test cares if we shoot it over Kawaii or Death Valley, really.
Scientist 2: The test won't but everyone on the team will. Kawaii is fucking AWESOME DUDE!
Scientist 1: We can meet budget.
Scientist 2: We can SURF!
Scientist 1: OK, let's ask another team mate. What do you think?
Scientist 3: What, do I look stupid? Fuck Ridgecrest - YOLO baby - let's go to Hawaii!!!
Scientist 1: Sigh....

Comment: Re:what's wrong with public transportation? (Score 3, Insightful) 190

Agreed. But then all these Internet Addicts would have to actually SIT NEXT TO SOMEONE!!! Eeeew! The KOOTIES!!!!

Public transport is the answer, but the entitled class confused nature of the California Ideology squanders forward movement for the sake of narcissism. The collateral damage is massive. Example: the asshole renting a 2 BR apt at 19th and Valencia for $10,500 a month. That comes out to about $350 a day. Someone who has that kind of dosh isn't going to want to spend time rubbing shoulders with someone who pays $1000 a month to share a flat in the Sunset. It just isn't going to happen. They're both fucking peasants (one is an extremely well paid peasant) but the well paid peasant thinks he's something special. Besides, every racist knows poor people have kooties.

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