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Comment Re:Handled (Score 1) 31

EFTE is considered nonstick, as is common among fluorinated polymers - will ice even bond with it? Plus, "thin plastic membrane" and "unfiltered UV radiation", "ionizing radiation", "blowing perchlorate-rich dust", etc doesn't sound like a good combination. EFTE is considered resistant to UV degradation, but I have to question how long any thin film would last on an environment like Mars.

Not saying it's a bad concept, but it's definitely a concept that's not ready for prime-time as it stands.

Comment Re:Bullying (Score 2) 243

I suspect a big part of the problem is teenagers should not spend quite so much time with other teenagers. Teens certainly need some time with each other but I really think they should be spending a larger part of their day surrounded principally but adults, in a more vocational context. That isn't 30 of their peers and 1 grown up in the room, with long periods like lunch with little to no adult interaction. Put a bunch of immature people together with no one to emulate but each other and its no surprise we get really strange emergent behavior.

Adolescents need to be working with watching and learning to emulate how adults behave, and interact with one another solve problems etc. A couple hundred years ago if you were 14 you'd have been working on your fathers farm with him or in the kitchen around your mother and the other ladies. You'd spend your Sunday interacting at church etc again where there would be more adults around most of the time than other children. I think as a society we should look at teaching higher maths and reading levels sooner, it works in other parts of the world. If we could push algebra etc down to the Junior high level and wrap up primary and secondary education by 14 we could then send kids out into the workforce for awhile during their formative years. Maybe make it a normal thing to assist your parent at their job etc. When kids get to be 18, 19 etc then they go back to higher education if that is their path.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 243

It sounds like you are arguing that the third group does not exist. If so, I think you are wrong about that.

It sounds like you are arguing that the third group does exist. If so, I think you are wrong about that. In the context of mass shootings the are almost always murder suicides or the individual is so insane they are either not capable of or at least not applying that kind of logic to their actions, like the Aurora CO. shooter.

Its not like we are talking about embezzlement, speeding, drug use, or even armed robbery here. There is little to suggest these mass murders give any thought at all to a future past their attack. The exception seemingly when they plan to die in the attack and become infamous. I for one do not fear or being prosecuted for possession of illegal fire arms, any other sort of weapon, let alone murder has any impact on their actions no would it no matter what you make the penalties.

If anything the threat of being purged from existence might be best. You and your property will be burned, people will be asked no to speak of you by name, birth records destroyed, any remains that speak to you ever having existing will be buried deep in an unmarked undiscovered location. That might give some of them pause.

Comment Re:Are and storms that fierce on Mars? (Score 1) 97

Are you really incapable of doing the math?

A LED headlight is something like 30W. Times 2 for two of them. Times three for "super ultra powerful Mars headlights even though an actual Mars mission would be about saving power". Times 4 for "all of the other things you mentioned". That's still only 720W, what you might use to light up a single square meter.

Don't you get it yet? You simply don't "scrounge up" enough light bulbs to grow an entire person's diet worth of food. It's an impossibility - unless you happen to be trapped in a grow light warehouse or something of that nature. Nor do you just "scrounge up" 100kW of electricity. Plants take orders of magnitude more energy to grow from lights than Weir pictures, end of story.

Remember, individual care of individual plants, optimal temperature and humidity, exploiting the soil to the max,

Please don't make me get into why indoor growing in these situations, even with a person who knew what they were doing rather than Weir's countless things that would actually have killed his plants, is a recipe for terrible yields even if the light was ample. Because it'd be practically a book on greenhouse plant raising, and I really don't have time for that.

Comment Re:Expect drama (Score 1) 122

No the statement is correct. Like beauty, racism, sexism, and homophobia are in the eyes or ears as it may be of the interpreter. Which is why its mostly pointless to worry about it. Unless someone is plainly deliberately attempting to be provocative by making statements that will widely be read as racist, sexist, or homophobic; we should just give them the benefit of the doubt as a society and move on.

People like Anita Sarkeesian may be factually correct but they contribute nothing new or useful essentially 'society' has know and understood her point since the third century BC. Its just useless gum flapping now.

Comment Re:In soviet russia (Score 5, Funny) 89

Great, now I'm picturing a Russian version of the "Monorail song", with the Lyle Lanley guy having a heavy Russian accent.

The Soyuz will not fit in there
"The building's tall, like Russian bear!"
What if perchance the roof should bend?
"Not on your life, my Yakut friend!"
What about us cleptocrats?
"Your wallets will grow very fat!"
My vodka's gone and now I'm sad.
"Have another, dear comrade!"
Were you sent here by the Kremlin?
(displeased voice) ".... Next question please." (waves for undercover agents to take him out of the room)
"You see it's Vostochny only choice. Now throw up hands and raise the voice."
Cosmodrome! Cosmodrome! Cosmodrome!

Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 2, Funny) 89

The funny thing is that in 2013 they actually lost a Proton-M and $1.3B of technical equipment because a technician installed the angular velocity sensors upside down. There was one problem in doing so, in that they didn't even fit upside down - but no worries, he was able to hammer them into place ;)

Comment Re:I want to see the video... (Score -1, Offtopic) 89

The Rada voted Yanukovich out - even including a majority of his own party. Russia claims that "proper parliamentary procedure" was not followed, but they're not the arbiter of that, the Ukrainian constitutional court is. And yeah, clearly the US is so into meddling in Ukraine that they won't even give them anti-tank missiles or counter-fire radar systems with a meaningful range. And it took a year of begging to even start go get anything more significant than blankets and sleeping bags. Yeah, the US is clearly so into helping Ukraine out! And look at all those US missiles in Ukraine, whooee! Meanwhile, Russia has been pouring some of its most advanced military hardware into Donbas, and when that wasn't enough, regular rotations of its army. But hey, Ukraine's got sleeping bags, so that's something, right?

There's long since been new elections in Ukraine. There were indeed two "nazi" candidates running. Combined they got barely more than 1% of the vote. The old "Ukraine is run by Nazis!" yarn is getting old.

Lastly: might want to check where you get your information from.

Comment I want to see the video... (Score 1) 89

... where all of the engineers have rounded up their buddies with trucks and backhoes and are trying to jam the rocket parts into place. "Come oooooon, it has to fiiiiit...."

I feel bad for whoever it is who will end up being declared a foreign agent embezzling money to support Ukrainian Nazis after this fiasco.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 197

Plus, part of accepting a moral responsibility is accepting the punishment for that. Rosa Parks knew fully well that they might go to jail, but she was fully willing to accept the consequences of her actions knowing that it would spark a discussion. Now will Uber?

So does this mean those cursed with more oppressive governments deserve less freedom? Because I'm pretty sure the consequences of running your mouth about Obama (or Bush, or Clinton, Or Raegan, or...) in the USA and Kim Whatever in North Korea don't require quite the same level of courage to face.

So, if you're willing to go to jail (or die) for your cause, then obviously believe in it a lot, but even if you aren't doesn't mean you're wrong. It just means you have less commitment (and are thus less likely to win).

Comment Re:Socalim is organized psychopathy (Score 1) 362

It is based on taking things by force from people that created or traded things through peaceful actions.

By contrast, socialism is about making sure the labourers get to keep the fruits of their labours, rather than having the owning class confiscate them.

Comment Re:Are and storms that fierce on Mars? (Score 2) 97

Nope - it decays to 234U, which has a 246k year half life and is also an alpha emitter. There's some minor spontaneous fission in 238Pu, which can produce basically whatever, but the spontaneous fission half life is 4,77e10 years, which is dwarfed by the alpha half life of 87,77 years. There's also the potential for the occasional alpha side reaction, but the cross sections are extremely low.

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