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Comment: Re:There is a simple solution (Score 1) 520

by Rakshasa Taisab (#36297418) Attached to: Carbon Emissions Reached Record High In 2010
I too am not really that worried personally, as I got a Norwegian passport... One of the five countries with arctic territories and all the latest climate models put us in a really nice position on all counts. Hell, we've been making buddies with Russia thanks to our shared interests in the North so once the hungry masses of climate-refugees start pouring north to get their dirty hands on that arctic goodies we'll have the military might to keep them out.

Not to mention we're rich, so we can buy our way out of any food or energy shortage. Hell, I can't see any reason at all to worry as long as I keep my egocentrical view of the world.

Comment: Reading, counting to 100 and other difficult tasks (Score 2) 606

by Rakshasa Taisab (#36207610) Attached to: Professor Questions Sink-Or-Swim Intro To CS Courses
What next, CS students get slack for not knowing how to read and write, addition and multiplication, and all the other skills you're expected to have when entering a high-level field of study?

Computer science isn't a vocation education... You're there to learn the theory and techniques of programming, amongst other things. If you haven't taught yourself the basics of programming by the time you enroll then you deserve that F.

Comment: Re:Much Broader Implications (Score 2) 252

by Rakshasa Taisab (#36178660) Attached to: Computer Records Hold Key In IMF Head's Sexual Assault Case
Everyone knows he liked women, that has never been the issue unless you are one of those who think everyone who isn't monogamous and/or virgins until they get married... A pervert would be someone who employs more buttplugs than there are butts, not someone who just likes sex.

The issue here is that considering the Euro Debt Crisis and how much of a change in direction his resignation would herald, we're talking about half a trillion dollars worth of Greek debt that will end up being restructured... In addition the domino-effect it will have.

So this could very well be a setup, where they aimed at his virility. Or someone who realized how much money they could sue for, after getting paid for giving a blowjob. Or the guy might have gotten a bit too excited going beyond what she was willing to do. Or it might have been a real attempted rape as claimed.

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