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by Rakarra (#48040591) Attached to: Japan's Shinkansen Bullet Trains Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Hai does not exactly mean yes in Japanese. It _can_ mean yes, but it more often is just an acknowledgment that someone is listening to you.

So it has the various meanings that the English 'yes' does. :-) 'Yes' can mean... well, 'yes' as in the acknowledgement of correctness or truth, or it can be an agreement, but it's often used as a grunt acknowledging that you're just listening and have attention.

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by Rakarra (#48040513) Attached to: Japan's Shinkansen Bullet Trains Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Just because there was "a plan" does not mean it was either a good plan or a feasible plan.

Let's admit that the space program of the 60s had a goal, and that goal was not bettering humanity, scientific exploration, or even just being able to say we had done it. The moon mission came about because we hated and feared the Russians, and the notion that they would be first to the moon sent chills down the spine. There was the real feeling that the US could "lose" space and lose the Cold War.

It would take that sort of pressure again, and that's hard to muster these days, especially since Mars is not as immediate (locationwise, threat-wise, etc) as the moon is.

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in both the ray rice and this case, you have a group or individual in power to affect someone else's life looking at something on a screen, instantly finding it distasteful, and relegating the person to a professional junkyard and a life of struggle without really ANY facts about the situation, the history, etc etc

If by 'group' you mean almost the entire news-watching population of the US, that would be correct. Ray Rice was the scandal, the NFL saw the tape early on, tried to hush it up and protect him, but once the footage was leaked, there was no holding back the outrage. Ray Rice doesn't belong along with the persecuted whistle-blowers any more than Nixon's campaign workers who broke into the Watergate offices did. He was taken down because a whistle-blower made his wrongdoing public.

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Maybe mother theresa didn't do that many bad things a whistleblower could tell the others?

You don't know much about the story of Mother Teresa, did you?

The obvious criticisms that wouldn't surprise would be her objection to contraception and abortion, calling abortion the ultimate evil, and that the 450,000 women raped in Bangladesh be forced to have those children.

More notable though would be her attitude that suffering is good. Suffering brings you closer to God, so it is good that the poor suffered. Of course it wasn't good to make suffering happen through evil acts, but to her it was better that the poor accepted their suffering. Because of that, her charity missions did not properly stock painkillers, as it was better for a terminally ill patient to suffer near death... nor did the nurses discriminate between curable and incurable ailments, again because suffering and death is just spiritually better for you.

There were other allegations like her coziness with Charles Keating (she accepted a lot of money he stole, and she refused to give it back), but other than her refusal to return stolen money, those allegations are hard to prove and feel he-said, she-said. Being close to communist dictators and honoring them was also just something she had to do to operate in communist countries.

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by Rakarra (#47996163) Attached to: Blizzard Has Canceled Titan, Its Next-gen MMO

As far as I can tell, there are generally two things that can be rescued from a cancelled game:

1) The game engine, if it was unique to the game. Of course if you're using someone else's engine this point doesn't apply.
2) Story lines, either the overall story line, or minor subplots. Works best if this is a part of a franchise, otherwise your mileage may vary for what can be salvaged.

Art is such a mixed bag. If you can immediately yank something to put into a game in a similar genre, great, though the longer you wait, the more the technical hurdles end up outweighing the usability of the assets, such that it's better to redesign from scratch.

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Diablo 3 was a big disappointment to me on launch. But I think the game has made great strides and is pretty good now. And the new ladder season means everyone in the same ladder starts out on the same level.

I also missed my chance to try out the market when it was still usable.

You didn't miss out. The market was the biggest reason why regular D3 was such a disappointment.

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The first time it was officially announced that Ghost was canceled was yesterday in the article linked to in this slashdot topic. Previously it had been on hold indefinitely with the last official statement coming in 2008. So sometime in the past six years it was cancelled without much fanfare. Of course, it had been considered vaporware for some time before the 2008 announcement.

At least with Starcraft: Ghost, they had playable demos at Blizzcon.

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> WoW's real game always only really starts at level cap.

So basically all the fun a person has while leveling doesn't count ??

Way back in 2005 in the earlier days of vanilla, I was told over and over again that the "real game" begins at level 60. Keep adding more tiers of endgame (60-70, 70-80, 80-85, 85-90, and now 90-100) and you have to start compressing that 1-60 experience or it really will take ages to get to the endgame.

That being said, I'm not a fan of how the Cataclysm-redesigned leveling zones turned out. I like a bit more challenge and more exploration. I'm just happy they didn't touch Outland.

WoW has turned into one major grind-fest.

The comments here are funny. I see a bunch of people on one side who claim that any semblance of a grind has been wiped out, and other people complaining that WoW is nothing but grind.

Grind for gear while the next patch nullifies and obsoletes it

Well geez, what do you propose that would be better? If new gear isn't better than the old gear, then there's no reason to try to get the new gear. No reason to really try to progress -- in fact, progression would be way too fast, and you'd be sitting around doing nothing for 6 months because everything was easily beatable when it came out. That's the price for making different gear tiers equivalent.

That, and it would lead to trying to grind old dungeons for the best gear, and that WOULD be an exercise in frustration that would dwarf anything in the game now.

It was this way right from the very start, too. Good luck trying to beat C'Thun if your whole party is wearing items from Scholomance. Naxx40 if you've just barely beaten Molten Core? Good luck. And should shoulder pads looted from a level 40 instance really be as good as those from a level 60 instance? Almost every RPG from the last 30 years is built around the idea that dungeons closer to the end of game give you better items, and that you discard/sell/shard the previous gear that you'd gotten. I'm not sure what sort of a game we'd have if we eliminated 60+ progression, but I doubt it would have lasted more than a year. I'm not sure I really understand the mind-set where getting new gear to replace old gear is a bad thing.

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and basically turning "raid finder" raids into the step-up Heroics.

Well, they're not changing that much (unless you have an established group) from the current system other than relabeling what the raids are called. Warlords's "heroic raids" will be the same difficulty as Pandaria's "normal raids," Warlords's "normal raids" will be the same difficulty as Pandaria's "flex raids." The new Mythic Raids fulfill the same difficulty level as the old Heroics. "Raid Finder" remains unchanged. So there are the same four raid tiers that there are now.

The reason for the change is that since flex scaling was added to the next raid tier as well (what used to be 'normal'), it didn't make much sense to call a raid tier "Flex Raids" anymore, as if that designation was special or unique to the tier.

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That might be hard to balance out different characters. Blizzard has enough issues with PvP and PvE balance for humanoid characters in WoW. For example, if you are an Ultralisk you can pretty much stomp on any other ground based character but completely helpless against some aircraft.

Maybe, but even in WoW it's freely acknowledged by the developers that that 1 vs 1 combat is not balanced, that some classes will just be BETTER than other classes, but that together they achieve some sort of form of balance. Starcraft works along the same lines, though because of Starcraft's resource feature the 1on1 imbalances are more acute. An MMO would have to have a different style of combat system to make up for that, or scrap the whole imbalance entirely.

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I think the GP has a point. Of Apple defied the order what would happen? Tim Cook in handcuffs?

There's no reason to be so heavy handed. They would just get a bad reputation on the federal level as a company which refused to cooperate with investigators on terrorism manners. Contracts would start to dry up. Departments that used macs would start to switch to Linux. iphones would be replaced with Android or something more custom.

Congress passed the "National Minimum Drinking Age Act," a matter which constitutionally they should have little authority over. When some states showed little interest in raising the drinking age to 21, the ATF didn't go in with guns and demand the state legislature to change their mind. Instead, they said "look, the act authorizes us to cut the amount of federal highway funds that go to your state. That's what will happen if you don't raise the minimum legal drinking age." Lo and behold, within a few years, all 50 states and the District of Columbia had "voluntarily raised" the drinking age to 21. That's how things get done: not with the stick, but that they legally offer a lot of carrots that states can't afford to turn down, and then attach strings to those carrots to get states to do things that Congress shouldn't have authority over.

It would be risky but if they really stand by their principals like they say they do...

What would happen if they stood by their principals is little more than an extremely large entity giving its business to their competitors. Very little would happen that could give those in charge direct bad press.

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