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Comment: Re: Christian Theocracy (Score 1) 802

No. The Pro-RFRA people, including Gov. Pence, are the ones who are being dishonest.

After seeing Gov. Pence on a This Week interview, I have to think he's one of the slimiest governors I've seen interviewed. He steadfastly REFUSED to answer questions straight (I'm setting myself up for jokes, I know). Even totally straightforward questions like "do you think business owners should be allowed to discriminate against gay people?" Every single response was a "poor, poor me" deflection. "Ohh, the intent of the law is being tooooottally misunderstood! Hoosiers are the most kind, generous people, this is terrible!" Etcetc. Never answered anything of substance.

Comment: Re:Tim Cook is a Pro Discrimination Faggot (Score 1) 802

Try to get your float promoting Gay Therapy or Traditional Marriage into a Gay Pride Parade

Probably wouldn't work because those are strictly exclusive instead in inclusive. Both of those are attacks on gay people.

"Gay therapy" comes from the perspective that being gay is evil and it needs to be cured. It'd be a pretty big 'fuck you' to most people attending a pride parade.
"Traditional Marriage" isn't a celebration of heterosexual marriage, it's an attempt to outlaw marriage for homosexuals.

Comment: Re:WWJD? (Score 1) 802

By your definition a fact can be literally anything and of any relative value. i.e. a pointless distinction unless we're talking about a comparison to reality

A fact is just a statement of correctness, nothing more, and it can be a fact only in those certain contexts.
The following statement is factual: "In the KJV book of John, Nicodemus asks Jesus what being born into the Kingdom of God means." The following is not a factual statement: "Nicodemus asks Jesus what being born into the Kingdom of God means."

Comment: Re:Good Luck (Score 1) 329

by Rakarra (#49363971) Attached to: Amazon Requires Non-Compete Agreements.. For Warehouse Workers

That still assumes the violation is noticed and acted upon.

Seriously, how likely do you think it will be for a former employer to keep track of their ex-employees so closely that this would be a serious issue?

I used to work at a consulting company. If you ever quit the company, they would wait for a few days, then start calling around to the various companies you were ever placed at and casually asked to be connected to your desk. Most of the time, they'd get a puzzled "sorry, that person doesn't work here." But if they ever got through and verified that a former employee worked there now, it was lawsuit time.

Comment: Re: Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 1) 878

by Rakarra (#49352409) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

You aren't participating in a gay wedding. Aardvarkjoe Catering, LLC is. Corporate veil doesn't disappear whenever that happens to be advantageous to you yet shield you the rest of the time.

But if Aardvarkjoe Catering, LLC is all of one person (as many llcs and catering businesses are) or a couple, then yes, he is participating in a gay wedding. He is not somehow not participating in the wedding if his company is hired by the wedding party.

Comment: Re:Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 1) 878

by Rakarra (#49352385) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

But the narrative that is being pushed that they are standing up to racists or homophobes by taking this action is inaccurate. They're primarily trying to make life painful for people that largely agree with them in order to get them to curtail the freedom of people that don't agree with them.

This sounds suspiciously like the revisionism we hear these days that the South in the US Civil War was never fighting for slavery but instead "freedom" or the southern way of life (despite that the only issue either side gave much time too was slavery).

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 198

by Rakarra (#49350553) Attached to: Pixar Releases Free Version of RenderMan

They're not a software company like Adobe is. They're a "software company" like nVidia are: they have to write software to make their product that they DO sell: Video cards/Movies.

Pixar started as a hardware company. They hired animators originally to create content to show off what the Pixar Image Computer could do. And of course, they created lots of software to drive the machines. The company was founded by software/hardware guys: Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs, Alvy Ray Smith, and their early contributions are legendary in the field of computer graphics. They set up a software division separate from the rest of the company for the development and sale of RenderMan, which was the industry standard for CG in movies for many years. I can't remember what time period this way, but there was a 10-year stretch when 27 of the 30 thirty films nominated for Best Visual Effects in the Oscars used Pixar's Renderman.

They did commericals (I remember the old Listerine and Livesavers spots) to pay the bills while they worked on the software before their first movie.

Comment: Re:Advert for Razer? (Score 1) 199

by Rakarra (#49350285) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

And I'd LOVE to see the market research / focus group data etc that led you to have it default to the right mouse button being the "left click" *button 1"!!!

As someone who grew up in a world of universal and RH ergo mice, the left mouse button has always been the Left mouse click "button 1"...on every mouse ive ever laid a hand on; it seems absurd to me that any mouse would ship with them reversed by default; even on for LH users.

Sounds you got a mouse that defaulted to "left-hand mode." I bought a Razer "left-handed" mouse which was pretty much identical to the right-handed version, but with different button-mapping defaults.

Comment: Re:Advert for Razer? (Score 1) 199

by Rakarra (#49350265) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

Man, all you did was throw red meat to the dogs. Customer service departments exist because all your most well-intentioned communication can do give angry people a chance to exact revenge for your company's perceived slights against them by attacking you. At long last, someone they can blame. You really need to let your customer service dept. handle this.

That's often true, but so far most of the responses to him here have been fairly civilized.

Comment: Re:Advert for Razer? (Score 1) 199

by Rakarra (#49350255) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

* N-key rollover that actually works, solid tactile (mechanical) response. I can type at 80+ WPM again.

When I was in college, after years of using the cheap keyboard my Dell came with, and then using the shoddy Ultrix machines in the Unix lab, I stepped into the SGI lab which had a number of high-end SGI graphics workstations and some nice SGI keyboards. Mostly I was there to test the file system browser SGI had shown off in Jurassic Park. It sucked. But still I was amazed. Amazed at how fast I could type! Amazed that the keyboard mattered that much with my typing speed. It would have been a misuse of those high-end workstations, but I wanted to do all of my programming homework in there.

Now that I'm older, I've noticed my WPM goes waaaay down on the cold nights when my fingers are stiff.

An optimist believes we live in the best world possible; a pessimist fears this is true.