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Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 568

I'm not sure why this is modded as Troll. There are all sorts of science-denying sort of beliefs that correlate to different ends of the political spectrum. "Climate change is a hoax! The science is a lie! Those fossils are only 6000 years old and/or come from the devil!" tends to come from the conservative side. "Wi-Fi signals are harmful! Vaccines cause autism! GMOs are evil and unsafe and should be banned!" tend to come from the politically liberal. Sometimes you'll have an outlier, like Michelle Bachmann's... unwise wading into the vaccine/autism debate, but the tendency is there.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 568

What? You have laws in the US about your house having to be painted? Is it a crime to have weeds on your lawn too?

It depends. Does it damage "property values" in the neighborhood? There's a lot of meddling that can be done about someone else's private property if you can prove their private property affects your and your neighbors home prices. I've never heard of a -city- that enforces this, though. Usually that's a homeowner association sort of nastiness.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 568

A private school has no particular obligation to deal with anyone in particular; so long as they don't explicitly step on some protected class or (as is being argued in this case) fail to make reasonable accommodation per the ADA.

An ADA claim is going to be a tough sell; they would have to prove that wi-fi sickness is a real thing, IE, not psychosomatic, to count as a reasonable accommodation that the administration would have to implement. We've seen exactly the opposite so far.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 568

For all we know, he could be an unvaccinated child who's been living in a moldy, dirty-ass environment until they sent him off

Lack of vaccines is pretty bad, but it's the kids in the moldy, dirty-ass environment who are likely to have better immune systems. If your environment is sterilized all the time, your immune system is not exposed to things it needs to fight off, so later on when the kid IS exposed to those things, they have little built-up defense.

Comment Re:That's all that consumer-oriented businesses do (Score 1) 246

but labeling isn't in the interests of any producer,

In addition to the other rebuttals, labeling is in the interests of the producer because it gives the consumer confidence that the product is what it says it is.

It lets people who need to avoid certain ingredients (like wheat or salt or excess sugar) or who just want to watch their calories buy your product. Without that labeling, most of them would probably avoid the purchase altogether. Food labeling is one of those rare situations where everyone's benefited, producers and consumers.

Comment Re:Australia take note... (Score 1) 251

"Australia take note.... It's amazing what a bit of competition can do in this area."

First, Comcast has no competition. They are protected from it -- if you want Comcast in your area, you have to give them monopoly power. That's how they work. You're also assuming that Comcast has any intention of following through on this. They've made promises like this before, usually to secure funding. They take the money and run, rolling out networks that come nowhere close to the advertised speed while declaring success (and record profits).

Robert Cringely wrote about this eight years ago, discussing how the cable and telco companies received 200 billion dollars to roll out a bidirectional 45 Mbit network to the whole US back in the mid-90s. They didn't get pallets of cash, but they were allowed to put some surcharges on your monthly bill and received tax credits averaging $2000 / customer.

Eventually they claimed they only promised "broadband," and broadband was defined as Internet service with a download speed of 200 kbit/sec or more.

So when Comcast promises Gigabit cable for all, I'd love to know 1) What are the restrictions on the network, 2) Which neighborhoods -aren't- getting it, 3) What they're getting from the local municipalities in return (probably further banning of municipal broadband, and banning of competition to enforce Comcast's monopoly), and 4) What the funding source for this is. Somehow, I suspect that the funding for this isn't just being footed by Comcast. That's never been how they've operated in the past. They promise, they receive cash, they underdeliver, and they declare success despite the glaring failures around them.

Comment Re:We don't WANT guns to our heads quickly, our mo (Score 1) 251

If you refuse to pay your $100 Comcast bill or otherwise violate their terms of service, they worst they'll ever do is cut off your service and you'll switch to a competing competing, maybe even DSL.

They could also sue you. And get court judgements against you if you want to blow them off. And then comes the other things you mentioned if you still don't want to pay.

You CAN have government like that, where the leader is the absolute authority and there is no debate, no public discussion, no accountability to the public, so things get done quickly. North Korea has such a system I don't want that.

But this is the promise of a Donald Trump presidency, a CEO in the executive office who just does what he wants and everyone has to follow his commands.

Now we're really getting off topic. :-9

Comment Re:My Microsoft ergonomic keyboard has it on the l (Score 1) 240

Wrong. Microsoft Hardware developed the mice, keyboards and XBox. Since they make decent products, their jobs are now being cut.

Ugh. Not a fan of Windows, use Linux at home for most things... but I love the Microsoft Natural Keyboard. Sad news.
Maybe I should stock up.

Comment Re:Right side, because that's where the number pad (Score 1) 240

You remove your hand from your mouse, move it across your desk, just to hit a number?

I have my mouse on the left side, and I use the numpad and the nearby arrow keys with my right hand. It's really the perfect layout for gaming.
And I'm right handed. Using a mouse with my right hand gave me RSI, but not when I used it with the left hand.

Comment Re:No sympaty for slef-inflicted problems (Score 1) 211

So, when you talk about "equals", you have to consider that some "equals" have much more bargaining power than others. I'm not disagreeing with your sentiment, but I'd suggest that it falls on senior developers to take on some leadership in these sorts of fights against bad managerial practices.

Senior developers have to be able to gauge the mood of the company as well. There are a lot of places looking for an excuse to shed their expensive senior staff and go with a younger, hungrier, cheaper, less independent work force.

Real Programs don't use shared text. Otherwise, how can they use functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?