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Comment: Re:AWESOME (Score 0) 129 129

...Granted, the kind of spam you get on the work account of a reasonably sensible employee is probably going to be from more reputable sources on average than most personal accounts, but they weren't all reputable-looking...

There's no such thing as spam from a "reputable source". If it's spam, they're obviously not reputable.

Comment: Re:ben kuchera is an idiot (Score 2) 222 222

Idiot indeed. He doesn't even understand the meaning of his main point, "peripheral".

Peripheral (of a device): able to be attached to and used with a computer, although not an integral part of it.

The fact that it's included with every Xbox One doesn't make it any less a peripheral. It can be unplugged and doesn't even have to be connected in the first place.

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