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Comment: Re:Open source? (Score 1) 13 13

Coincidentally, I had been taking a close look at Krita on and off (the last "on" being a week or so ago) after hearing that someone is working on adding frame-by-frame animation functionality to the application.

I ran across P&C while scoping out the application's capabilities (in part via your YouTube channel) and now I'm tempted to try out this application before the animation capabilities are added in. And now it gets spotlighted in /.

Now if I only knew how to color well enough to actually take advantage of Krita's capabilities :D...

As for doing artwork with OSS, I've used Inkscape for digital inking for a couple of years now, and have given MyPaint enough playtime to produce one of my few completely digital pics (cell-shaded w/o backdrop), which is more than I can say for the apps I actually paid for (Sketchbook Pro 2011 and Clip Studio Paint 5), for some inexplicable reason.


Comment: Re:280km (Score 1) 189 189

No they aren't. Amtrak outlined a plan for a new Northeast Corridor that could support what everyone else in the world would term "high speed rail".

It amounts to a formal plan to have on hand, just in case monkeys flew out all our collective butts, causing the money to actually do this to miraculously materialize out of hot air.

In reality, at best Amtrak is more concerned with wrangling the funding to replace it's Acela trainsets before they completely wear out, and assuming they pull that off, finding funding to replace all the close-to 40-year-old passenger cars and the not-much-younger diesel locomotives that they've been running the wheels off of just to keep their network running.

Relevant link: Why America Can't Have Great Trains


Comment: Re:How is this not your fault? (Score 1) 321 321

I'd expect to just have to enter the times by hand in that case, not to have a completely useless device.

The Archos TVPlus DVRs were like this. While they defaulted to a (now defunct) subscription TV listings service, you were always just one keypress from a standard "set it yourself" date/channel/time-on/time-off/quality menu. I never actually used the subscription service because of this.

Also, these boxes recorded standard MP4 AVI files with PCM audio that you could easily offload through the USB port (possibly over Ethernet/wifi too). Pity they never made a set-top HD version.*

(then again, the above may explain why they didn't...hmm)


*(their "Internet Tablet" series PMPs could behave like a PVR and record 720P (if I recall correctly) when docked in an extra-cost "DVR station", but no set-top version existed)

Comment: Re:I've seen this somewhere before... (Score 1) 180 180

Not only that, but someone managed to find and preserve scans of an article on its construction:

Unfortunately it seems the real "Big Bus" was scrapped. Maybe some goofy automotive-reality show could attempt to re-create the thing.


Comment: Re:300kph? Nice! But... (Score 1) 180 180

Greyhound's newest coaches already have seat belts: (as well as a number of smaller, though probably affiliated carriers)

I've even ridden these NYC-Montreal through the notorious Adirondack Northway, but haven't felt any need to use the seat belts. The cupholder, power outlets and WiFi, however...


Comment: Re:I do the opposite (Score 1) 532 532

In contrast, I went to my local Micro Center (Yonkers, NY) looking for some video editing software. The one I decided on before I left home showed one copy remaining at that location on the website. Upon arriving at the store I got lucky and walked right up to the item in question (first time using the software section of that particular location) and was out of there in record time. Arriving home a couple of hours after I left (subway/bus connections worked extremely well that night), I noticed I still had the screen up and refreshed it just out of curiousity. It now reported the item as out of stock.

I should probably add that MC's site allows you to limit what you see to whatever your local store has in-stock by picking it from a drop-down list of locations at the top of the page. Before I got used to doing that I would find items "in stock" that weren't actually available at my local outlet (which wouldn't have been a factor if I was just ordering online, but my "local" MC is close enough to go out there on a whim).


Apple's Game Center Shares Your Real Name 182 182

dotarray writes "Apple's Game Center has just made itself a few enemies through a simple change to their Terms of Service. Now, whenever you send a friend invitation, your real name will be attached as well as your Apple ID." Apparently they didn't learn from the poor reaction to Blizzard's similar idea.

Comment: Re:Aah (Score 1) 177 177

This past month I was in Myrtle Beach, SC for a family function. Back in the '80's, my summer vacations would invariably come down here for a several-day stay. I didn't particularly care for the beach, but the amusement parks with their large arcades (particularly the Myrtle Beach Gran Prix (just learned it's defunct as of 2006)) were the highlight of my stays there.

We didn't go anywhere near those places this year--assuming any of them still existed (we were actually only staying in a rented condo just outside of the main strip during preparations for a wedding a couple of counties further east). I did however note the irony that the main reason I would have for going to these places was now sitting in the MAME folder on my laptop.

Once, arcade games were so commonplace that as a grade-schooler I compiled maps of neighborhood shops with coin-ops tucked inside, down to the layout of the store with the actual physical locations of the games therein. It figures that once I actually had an ample supply of quarters that all this would have long fallen by the wayside.


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