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Journal: College Football Rants and Open Letters...

Journal by RailGunner
To Nick Saban:
You can tell your team all you want that they "don't need a trophy to know they're the best" -- your team isn't the best. You got beat by a better team 42-35.

To the SEC Fans:
Your "the SEC is invincible" narrative, primary fed to you by the talking heads on ESPN (which owns the SEC Network), has been shattered. Your top teams all LOST. The so-called mini-NFL, the SEC West, was 2-5 in Bowl Season.

Comment: Why I don't post here very often (Score 1) 13

by RailGunner (#48802569) Attached to: Nota Bene
Because here on slashdot, the libtards here are proud of their ignorance, stubbornness, and obtuseness.

In other words -- they're lost causes and not worth any more of your time. They're dumber than dogs -- at least rubbing the dog's nose in his own feces will convince the dog to stop crapping on the carpet -- but these brown shirt liberals, no matter how bad things get, lie and ignore the reality.

They say "Unemployment down to 5.6 percent!!" but ignore the reality that the labor force participation rate is the lowest it's been since Jimmuh Cartuh. More Americans are unable to find work and given up looking at the highest rate since the 1970's and liberals cheerlead Obama and the unemployment rate that's intentionally deceptive.

It's just like when you (or I) point out the many failures and high body counts of socialism, it's brother communism, or it's cousin fascism -- they huff and puff and insist, nay, they demand that you admit that "true socialism" has never been tried.

Smitty -- I don't always agree with you, but I definitely like you -- you're a good person.

But I'd be less than honest if I didn't tell you that I don't think these morons are worth much of your time.

I realized years ago that they weren't worth much of my time, either.

Comment: Re:I stand, too (Score 1) 15

by RailGunner (#48774695) Attached to: Je Suis Charlie
The Catholic League is not the Vatican. I am not a member of the League (though I am a Knight of Columbus).

Furthermore, what Donohue is saying is Biblical, about trying not to deliberately offend.

The reason for that is, obviously, if they're spitting mad at you they aren't going to listen to the Gospel from you.

That said... I support the right of comedians to offend whoever they want.

Comment: Re:I have a lot of Catholic friends (Score 1) 15

by RailGunner (#48769069) Attached to: Je Suis Charlie
My wife used to be a Protestant, and even joined BSF... when we left the Protestant Church I was attending with her, she went all Sola Scriptura in an attempt to convince me why I was wrong to remain Catholic.

What she found in the intense study of Scripture converted her to Catholicism.

This book reinforced it.

Comment: Re:Wow (Score 1) 8

by RailGunner (#48768099) Attached to: National Championship Game
The fact that if you take away the horrible turnovers early in the game against Alabama, and Ohio State having to settle for field goals twice after 1st and Goal, then Ohio State beats Alabama even worse than the 42-35 score that was the final. When you look past just the score, and into the time of possession, yardage, etc, Ohio State whipped Alabama's ass.

That 59-0 destruction of Wisconsin also influences me.

Yes, Oregon dismantled the Florida State Criminoles, but Florida State was a paper tiger all year. Oregon hasn't seen a defense as fast as OSU's. Super Mariota is going to be pressured like he hasn't been all year.

Oregon also hasn't seen a back like Ezekiel Elliot.

Comment: Re:I stand, too (Score 1) 15

by RailGunner (#48767531) Attached to: Je Suis Charlie
Your right to claim blasphemy ends when you set foot outside the mosque.

.... I disagree, they can claim blasphemy all they want. The problem is that the prescription for that blasphemy is death.

Here's an example.

I'm Catholic, and therefore, I think all Protestants are blaspheming heretics when they deny the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.*(see below)

My prescription is that all Protestants do the following:
+ Renounce their silly Calvinistic / Lutheran blasphemies and false teachings like the concept of a "Rapture"
+ Go to Confession
+ Join an RCIA program and (re)join the Catholic Church

And if they don't, well, I'll leave them alone.

See? That's far preferable to "KILL THEM NOW!!!" So the claim of blasphemy isn't the problem, it's the "fix" for the blasphemy.

* No, I don't really think all Protestants are heretics. Just misinformed.

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