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Comment Understating the menace. (Score 4, Insightful) 353

This family of infectors is probably, by far, the worst spyware/hijacking peice of junk I've ever seen. I can't help but feel that 400,000 isn't nearly the number that has actually been infected, simply because nobody I know actually uses MSRT, and I seriously doubt that any machine that gets infected with it could actually get back into the condition where it can download and/or install MSRT, or virtually any other software. It's just that bad.

Comment Re:Painful evolution (Score 1) 140

I don't think paper as a news medium is non-sustainable... I just think that Newspapers as a 12-section behemoth advertising delivery vehicle is non-sustainable. The current amount of bloat is immense, and exists simply because the current model is to sell as many ads to as many clients as possible. This means a ton of cheap ads that take up a large percentage of space, and they won't cut down content until advertisers pull out completely.

Limiting it to fewer sections to at higher cost would probably keep more papers in business long term, but would cut a ton of the potential to make money if and when business gets good again. Like it or not, most newspapers would rather take that bet then downsize to a sure thing.... Otherwise, they open themselves up competition. Remember when markets had multiple newspapers competing with each other, "Extras!" on street corners? Neither do I, but that time did exist once, and probably will again.

Comment Re:Too late for a proprietary fork? (Score 2, Insightful) 223

I've done my share of programming under the GPL... and I've never liked it. I never implied that proprietary was better, rather I prefer software that is free in every way. If you have a BSD-licensed app and you want to use an awesome code snippet from a GPL piece of software, you can't. (At least, not without going back to the contributor and working out some sort of deal.)

Comment The real fix for the filtering problem... (Score 5, Insightful) 257

The real fix for the filtering problem is not to filter, but to license access to the internet. To be completely honest, just about everything done on any public utility has rules and regulations and forces people to obtain licenses to use them. Want to drive on the road? Get a license. Want to be an electrician? Get a license. Want to check out library books? Get a license. If you abuse the public's trust, you get your license revoked. Unlike, say, blocking IPs of the RBN, content filtering will never work, socially or technically, so waste our time trying.

Comment The Sprint Problem (Score 1) 219

I'm stuck on Sprint right now and probably the near future, unfortunately. As much as I'd love to develop for Android, Sprint has made it very clear that they don't value my business. CDMA keeps me from using this developer phone on Sprint. The only way I'll be able to switch is if I come across a magical pile of money that makes it all relatively painless.

Comment More like lack of interest. (Score 0, Redundant) 117

"But the tens of thousands of smaller modules on CPAN are lagging, in many cases because of lack of access to a Windows environment for development and testing."

I was born on a day, but not yesterday. I must admit to not using perl for anything serious in a very long time, but as I recall, many smaller modules in CPAN didn't even work trouble free on an up-to-date linux machine because they were either badly coded or simply didn't run with newer versions of other dependencies. Maybe things have changed, but I doubt access to Windows machines is a real issue for anybody apart from a tiny handful of GNU diehards/blowhards.

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