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Comment: Re:Do not want (Score 2) 192

by Rah'Dick (#49484105) Attached to: The Car That Knows When You'll Get In an Accident Before You Do

You're right - whereever data is being used, it's also being abused, but I only wanted to address the part of the discussion that deals with obstructing the system. Disclaimer: I once worked for a car manufacturer and all of the people who developed new tech were doing it with good intentions. But yeah, that doesn't mean anything to people who want to be in control of everything.

Comment: Re:Do not want (Score 3, Interesting) 192

by Rah'Dick (#49483907) Attached to: The Car That Knows When You'll Get In an Accident Before You Do

I will never use a product that monitors me with a camera.

(Yes I put tape over my laptop's camera, and no I don't own a smart phone.)

Good for you. However, if at some point in the future all new cars will be equipped with these systems, and they're really helping to reduce accidents, a few things might happen to people who actively manipulate the cameras and sensors:

1. Insurances will require you to pay significantly more, because you're now a road risk.
2. Car manufacturers will make their systems more tamper-resistant, so that the car will either refuse to start when the sensors are obstructed or will somehow emit a "tampered" signal to your insurance when obstruction occurs for some time while driving. Continue at point 1.
3. Cops will look at the system as part of a routine check and will fine you.
3a. Worse: cops will actively pull you over when they detect the "tampered" signal that your car is emitting while driving by.

Comment: At a cocktail robotics festival (Score 1) 310

I teach 3D graphics, programming and compositing & postproduction at a university of applied sciences. Every year, our students build machines for the annual Roboexotica cocktail robotics festival. I usually accompany the students at the event and fix their machines on the exhibition floor - with soldering irons, lots of tape and a notebook. Since most of the student machines are created in a hurry, their Processing and Arduino code usually has errors. Sometimes I find myself sitting on the floor between alcohol canisters, pumps and wires, debugging stuff while drunk people stumble around. :-)

Comment: Student's Project (Score 1) 186

by Rah'Dick (#41649859) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dedicating Code?

I'm teaching at a university of applied sciences and one of my students is currently creating a website using PHP/HTML5 and WebM/Vorbis media to remember her recently deceased dad, using interviews of relatives and friends, video snippets, photos and stories about his life, all chronologically linked together, categorized and tagged. The site will be password-protected and every friend or relative will receive an account. Apparently the man had a whole lot of friends all around the world, easily justifying this amount of work.

Comment: Correlation, implication, causation etc. (Score 5, Interesting) 292

by Rah'Dick (#31609790) Attached to: Tracking Pedophiles By Their Typing Habits

They say they can identify a single person by a typing profile that they've previously generated, but you certainly cannot deduct from a typing profile that any given person is a pedophile! I agree with the author's comment.

[rant]On a side note, TFA has pictures of a murderer and a 17 y/o girl next to each other. I refuse to call someone a "pedophile" who is attracted to 17-year-old girls, because becoming an adult is not a matter of some age number increasing by one digit. 17-year-olds are certainly not KIDS! I'm sick of the misuse of the word "pedophile". What they actually mean is "ephebophile", but since that one is - to some degree - accepted by society, they cannot polarize people enough to enact more stupid laws. [/rant]

Comment: Re:It's fuzzy math (Score 1) 311

by Rah'Dick (#31069886) Attached to: Google's Nexus One, a Steal At $49 Unlocked?

I totally agree on this: Buy cheap, buy twice.

I've been practicing this for the last couple of years and have spent significantly less money on gadgets and computer stuff than any of my friends. They still wonder how I can afford yet another Xbox 360 game but don't take into account that I don't buy a new mobile phone every 6 months. Related: I also have a phone plan that costs me only 0.04€ per minute without termination fee or, in fact, any other fee, apart from actual calls (@ Austrian provider bob). I have a monthly phone bill of ~10€ in total.

Comment: Slow QWERTY typer (Score 2, Insightful) 203

by Rah'Dick (#30858548) Attached to: Pen vs. Keyboard vs. Touch vs. Everything Else
The chart looks to me as if Mr. Gyford is typing relatively slow on a full-sized keyboard, compared to the iPhone. Last I remembered, I could not use more than two fingers at once on that tiny screen. I'd be interested in how long it takes the average slashdotter to type his example text.

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