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Comment: Re:Price (Score 1) 241

by Raguleader (#32573764) Attached to: Starbucks Frees Wi-Fi
Obviously you're not one of the cool kids. It's the hip trendy thing now to grossly exaggerate the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks to show how cool you are. Me, sometimes I'll grab a cup of coffee or a Chai or a snack cake or something because there is a Gamestop and a Wal Mart nearby and I happen to already be in town shopping. Sadly, sometimes I need a caffeine fix when I am away from Mr. Coffee.

Comment: Re:Exactly (Score 1) 386

by Raguleader (#25147101) Attached to: Mobile Phone Users Struggle With Hardware Adoption
You'll want that phone to be able to play Half Life 3 and give you blowjobs too, right? Mind you, most actual dedicated cameras you see on the shelves don't seem to take 10MP pictures (and I've never seen a compelling argument for the average digital camera user needing more than 5MPs anyways; the improvement for each extra megapixel is relatively marginal), and those tend to be bigger than mobile phones anyhow. As far as phone companies that let you grab photos off your phone with a USB cable: Helio phones seem to come with this feature built-in (there's a USB Mass Storage mode which turns the phone into a big ugly thumbdrive, and you just grab the photos out of the directory and drag them onto your computer), and my LG VX8350 has a similar feature. Of course, Verizon wants $30 for the USB cable and and music management software in order for you to make the actual physical connection. I didn't seem to have a problem just MMSing the pictures off of the Verizon phone (I can't remember if I tried it with the Helio Ocean or not), but then you'll need a texting plan for that.

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