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+ - Microsoft to buy Yahoo?

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Rafajafar writes "Speculation and rumors have going around Wall Street recently that Microsoft is in buyout talks with Yahoo. The news is being pretty good to Yahoo's shareholders, to say the least. From the article:

Yahoo Inc. shares surged following published reports Friday that Microsoft Corp. had resumed its pursuit of Yahoo to better compete with Web search and advertising leader Google Inc. Both companies declined comment on the reports.
There is still much doubt as to whether these talks will result in anything, however."

+ - Comparison of XP and Vista System Requirements

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Rafajafar writes "Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror has a pretty interesting comparison of Windows XP and Vista RC1 requirements. Apparently, "Vista requires 10x the drive space, 8x the memory, and 4x the CPU power." That's going to be a pretty hefty upgrade to a lot of users who are behind the curve on their computer specs. Luckily, Microsoft also included a tool which measures something called the "Windows Experience Index".

Unlike some of the new Microsoft Vista features, this one is remarkably well thought out. For one thing, it expresses the total score as the lowest subscore. This is an incredibly intuitive way to highlight that your PC's performance is only as good as the slowest subsystem. You know immediately which part of your system will give you the most bang for the buck when upgrading.
I'm glad they at least got this tool right."

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