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Comment Re: I'll be dead (Score 3, Insightful) 182

Maybe you're hosting your family's photo albums, or perhaps some writing you'd like to someday share with your grandkids? The web is so ephermal. It would be great if I had a more reliable means of leaving something to future generations of my family. Even printing stuff out doesn't always work either.

Comment Re:Another type that is interesting... (Score 1) 717

The problem is that it's near impossible to say with certainty whether those issues created by that developer were unavoidable as part of doing the job. Many times bugs are the fallout from dysfunctions either in the team (poor requirements, planning) or in the technology (buggy, poorly-implemented abstractions that the developer is forced to build on top of). Of course it's reasonable to blame it all on the incompetence of the developer, but in some cases it genuinely isn't his fault despite his name being attached to the bug.

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