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Comment: Re: From someone who gave up on the game... (Score 1) 166

by Radish03 (#46576947) Attached to: <em>Diablo 3</em> Expansion <em>Reaper of Souls</em> Launches

I picked the game back up last weekend and had a pretty identical experience. Quality drops and interesting legendaries that affect skills and game mechanics in fun, useful but not really game breaking ways. I also found far more crafting recipes dropping than I remember. I'm definitely excited to get into the expansion as soon as I can.

Comment: Re:Random (Score 1) 458

by Radish03 (#44614943) Attached to: My SSID Is...

"I used a string of random characters as my SSID to reduce the risk of collisions."

I don't get it. What does your SSID have to do with driving?

What driving? He just wants to avoid huge ships.

I assumed he wanted to avoid the other bits that were clogging the tubes.

Comment: Re:Some tips: (Score 2) 295

by Radish03 (#41730179) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can I Protect My Android Devices From Hackers?
Your Wifi issues seem to me to be related more to your AP than the devices themselves.

I've had a similar wifi issue with my phone (Nexus S) maintaining a connection to a home network running one of those ISP provided all-in-one router/modems. The solution was to turn off "Avoid Poor Connections" in Settings > Wi-Fi> Advanced.

Twitter Censors German Neo-Nazi Group, Within Germany 227

Posted by timothy
from the they-must-hate-speech dept.
judgecorp writes "Twitter has censored a neo-Nazi group, blocking Besseres Hannover (Better Hannover), a group accused of promoting race hate. This is the first time Twitter has used its power of blocking users in specific countries, announced back in January. Although blocked in Germany, the group is visible to the rest of the world." Update: 10/18 14:46 GMT by T : Note, that's Twitter doing the blocking, not Google, as it appeared originally. HT to reader eldavojohn.

Comment: Re:It's amazing how few you get . . . (Score 1) 228

by Radish03 (#38308220) Attached to: How many robocalls do you get each month?

I'm in the US, I only have a cell phone, and my number is also registered on the Do Not Call list. I've gotten 2 in the past month from numbers in Washington state. Legality doesn't seem to stop them. Though it's hard to complain since there's never anyone on the other end by the time I answer.

Comment: Re:I love it (Score 1) 158

by Radish03 (#38026094) Attached to: <em>The Elder Scrolls</em> Return With <em>Skyrim</em>

I've only played through the intro, a bandit camp, and a cave full of bandits, but I definitely agree, so far magic is way more fun than Oblivion. Setting people on fire, or watching lightning arc across their skin is way more satisfying than almost anything in Oblivion. Additionally, more than once, when I've run across multiple enemies, I've shot some fire at them with my left hand, realized I should try to use my sword to level that too, but I kill them with fire before they even make it to me. That's how a mage should play! I also like the change to a constant stream of magic firing from my hands, since now I don't have to waste half of my magicka when my Big Powerful Spell misses.


Android Source Code Gone For Good? 362

Posted by samzenpus
from the not-for-your-eyes dept.
First time accepted submitter vyrus128 writes "Many people were upset at the revelation, reported here in May, that the Honeycomb version of Android would not be open sourced. But Google promised that the next version, Ice Cream Sandwich, would have full source available. Now that ICS is out, though, the source is nowhere in sight. In the thread, Android's Jean-Baptiste Queru offers the following, as to the question of whether source will ever be made available: 'At the moment I don't have anything to say on that subject.'"

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