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Comment: How does Net Neutrality as proposed solve that? (Score 1) 98

by SuperKendall (#47913503) Attached to: The FCC Net Neutrality Comment Deadline Has Arrived: What Now?

If I, as a third party, want to offer telephone services that use broadband internet (VoIP), Comcast will be able to make my access to their consumers so crap

Well it's a shame then the FCC rules under discussion would have nothing whatsoever to do with that,.

Gosh, I wonder what you are getting if it's not at all what you thought. I wonder what you are getting from an agency intertwined with the cable companies, when you ask them to provide regulation from same companies... Perhaps utterly the opposite of what you wanted?

Comment: That's how they did do it (Score 1) 552

This problem could have been easily avoided. Send iTunes users an announcement that they can go to the store and get the U2 album for free, if they want to.

That's how it worked for everyone that didn't enable auto-downloads of purchases (which is not enabled by default).

I *wanted* the album, and it took me two days to figure out how to get it. It did not appear for me anywhere automatically...

I can't believe people get worked up over being given music for free. Hey guess what, all sorts of free crappy music is in whatever music streaming service you favor also. Why not complain about that?

Comment: Yes, Voyager (Score 3, Funny) 209

by SuperKendall (#47912075) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do After Digitizing VHS Tapes?

They're both still vulnerable to supernovae. You should have at least one backup in another galaxy.

Fun fact, the real reason for the Voyager mission was someone wanted a permanent backup of William Shatner singing "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds". You didn't ever see the back of that record they included with Voyager, did you... now you know why.

Comment: Bullshit (Score 1, Interesting) 194

by SuperKendall (#47903291) Attached to: Sapphire Glass Didn't Pass iPhone Drop Test According to Reports

I've kept a number of different iPhones in pockets with keys for years, zero scratches. I've not seen an iPhone screen witch scratches (cracks if it's dropped, yes, but not scratches).

Also, they HAVE used Gorilla Glass. In fact I'd imagine the newer ones ALSO use Gorilla Glass, they just aren't saying that (which they did not in the past also).

Comment: Not so in IOS (Score 1) 205

by SuperKendall (#47895675) Attached to: Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8

You can't offload anything onto the GPU. Only certain specific types of things, and certain math.

It's not very specific, it's pretty broad. The Accellerate framework includes quite a lot of stuff...

We could offload more still if OpenCL was on iOS (which contrary to another post I jet put up, it is not quite yet - it's just lurking under the public API surface).

Comment: Not GCD (Score 1) 205

by SuperKendall (#47895649) Attached to: Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8

Apple's done a lot of work with Grand Central Dispatch (is that the right technology?)

GCD helps manage tasks across multiple cores pretty well.

The GPU leverage though, is handled either by writing OpenCL code, or normal code that uses the Accellerate framework to do a variety of math, which internally hits the GPU when it makes sense.

OpenCL is kind of involved to get into but it's often very easy to fix up the math in heavier calculations to use Accellerate.

Comment: Re:I doubt your doubt (Score 1) 222

by SuperKendall (#47893301) Attached to: iPhone 6 Sales Crush Means Late-Night Waits For Some Early Adopters

And they do need the hype - they have a large portion of customers who are more likely to be repeat customers if they're gently pushed to upgrade instead of waiting.

You misunderstand, they don't need the hype not because hype is not useful, but because there is already boatloads of it. The amount of hype from "iPhone Plus sold out" is minuscule compared to already existing hype from all other vectors; it adds zero to the push to upgrade compared to months of relentless news about the iPhone 6 beforehand.

Comment: I doubt your doubt (Score 3, Insightful) 222

by SuperKendall (#47892089) Attached to: iPhone 6 Sales Crush Means Late-Night Waits For Some Early Adopters

Only an idiot holds back physical inventory when they can sell it easily.

Apple doesn't need more press or hype; it already has those. They simply sell as many units as they can make.

If your "theory" is correct, then why do shipping times gradually get longer as more orders are made? If your "theory" is correct, why would the 6Plus ship a week after the 6 even for the earliest adopters?

Whatever happened to the belief that the simplest answer is usually true...

Comment: Apple servers were fine.. (Score 1) 222

by SuperKendall (#47891073) Attached to: iPhone 6 Sales Crush Means Late-Night Waits For Some Early Adopters

The Apple Store app started working well before the website did, say 30 minutes after the supposed launch...

The early parts of selection worked fine, it was when you chose a carrier that things timed out.

Once the website came up (about two and a half hours late) it was pretty speedy.

So it was something around the carrier gateway that was the issue.

The interesting aspect of that, was that people had no issue ordering from carriers directly that supported it (Verizon and AT&T were the two I knew people ordered from shortly after midnight Pacific)

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