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Comment: Portability (Score 1) 129

by SuperKendall (#47405083) Attached to: Android Wear Is Here

but it's not easier to bring a tablet and a laptop than to just bring a laptop, right?

No, but it is easier to bring just a laptop than a tablet. Any USB source charges it. You can carry it more easily, and use it in more places.

since a laptop does everything a tablet does

Not actually true (touch interface far better for things like drawing) but let's pretend it is.

A laptop may be able to do everything a tablet does but if the tablet is far lighter and has better batter life guess which most people would rather have on a trip?

In a foreign country would you rather wander around looking for a WiFi cafe with a tablet tucked in your purse, or a backpack with a laptop?

This is exactly why tablets have done as well as they have, because they replace laptops for some scenarios where portability is more convenient.

i'm in BT range of my phone 99% of the day, and i think that's pretty typical.

And I'm in quick viewing range of my phone 99% of my day, which is also typical. They are the same thing...

Comment: Also stop paying attention hear home (Score 1) 139

by SuperKendall (#47404193) Attached to: Uber Is Now Cheaper Than a New York City Taxi

Because you are used to the area, you do not think about driving as much near home - instead thinking about what you will do where you are going or when you get home, when you are close. It's easy to grow inattentive and miss a change that leads to an accident.

Picking someone up and dropping someone off has none of the risks of familiarity since each situation is different.

Comment: Re:A little too late (Score 1) 39

by SuperKendall (#47381671) Attached to: Adobe To Let Third Party Devs Incorporate Photoshop Features

What are you talking about?

Look, we all know you are lost at this point but the deal is that with system extensions a user of your app can perform different editing of images in your app based on what other applications they have installed.


Did you even look at what iOS8 can do at all? Or are you just totally ignoring the key point?

Comment: Re:A little too late (Score 1) 39

by SuperKendall (#47377219) Attached to: Adobe To Let Third Party Devs Incorporate Photoshop Features

Actually yes it is, if you've developed an image editing application you want it to produce the same results on whatever platforms you target.

Actually no it's not. If your image editing program can make further use of external plug-ins, then you don't care about having it produce the same across platforms because it will never be the same FOR EACH USER.

Would you truly argue that image editing programs should not allow for plugins, that there is no value? Because you are.

There is some base level of functionality it is useful to provide. But my point is why would you PAY for only that base?

Comment: Re:A little too late (Score 1) 39

by SuperKendall (#47377177) Attached to: Adobe To Let Third Party Devs Incorporate Photoshop Features

So either that means you embed this thing in iOS8 and have a separate way to get to it from the system extensions for editing, which means it's not the same as any other platform...

Or you don't use it and just use the system extensions which means it's not the same as any other platform...

OR you only us this and don't allow system extensions in which case it's the same across all platforms and zero people are using your product on iOS because every other app gets to use system extensions for editing instead of your singular library.

Comment: Re:FOF (Score 1) 163

by jeffy210 (#47314865) Attached to: I suffer from jet lag ...

Nice try being hipster there. Honestly the issue with the TSA is quite overblown as of late (and even from years past). You are hearing about the extreme edge cases that affect 0.1% of passengers. Look at the number of people that get harassed while driving. Do you still drive? I'm hispanic, and have been traveling regularly since 2001 and have not had any issues. I had 1 pat down and that was quick and they did not "grab my junk". As long as you're not acting overly suspicious or nervous they'll be fine. Make eye contact with them, act like you belong there (you do) and they generally just want to do their job and get you through.

Is it security theater? Yes, to a degree, but "petite bullies", that's just going off of stories you've heard from others and have blown out of proportion.

Comment: Target is clear (Score 1) 465

by SuperKendall (#47260365) Attached to: IRS Lost Emails of 6 More Employees Under Investigation

You can target everyone who was sent or sent mail to anyone who lost email - you find out who that is simply by gathering a list of everyone that person communicated with a month before and after the period they lost the email for. You might miss a few people in the middle but it would be pretty close, and you'd probably get most of it.

+ - The Government Can No Longer Track Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant 1

Submitted by Jason Koebler
Jason Koebler (3528235) writes "The government cannot use cell phone location data as evidence in a criminal proceeding without first obtaining a warrant, an appeals court ruled today, in one of the most important privacy decisions in recent memory.
"In short, we hold that cell site location information is within the subscriber’s reasonable expectation of privacy," the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled. "The obtaining of that data without a warrant is a Fourth Amendment violation.""

Comment: Re:Commercial Civil Disobedience (Score 1) 260

by SuperKendall (#47204519) Attached to: Virginia DMV Cracks Down On Uber, Lyft

Then suffer the penalties of the law or obey it. There is no false, you either change the law, follow it, or accept it's punishment.

Or you continue to break it and seek to avoid punishment as much as possible.

The law is not subject to interpretation

That shows a total lack of understanding of the court system, or an inkling why there is a court of appeals.

So if a company worth billions exists by dumping toxic wastes into rivers, laws against that do not matter?

In that case it is morally wrong to do so, so it matters. If it's morally right to break a law, then the law does not matter.

If it is that obvious and plainly seen, then you will have absolutely no problem getting the law changed.

And THAT shows an utter lack of understanding of political momentum or how laws get made/unmade.

You called me naive but you are the one who doesn't seem to understand anything about the mechanics of laws or regulations.

I'll let you have the last response as you obviously cannot reach enlightenment on this matter.

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