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Comment Why batteries? Hydrogen much denser. (Score 3, Insightful) 196

As I posted below, it seems pretty obvious you would use fuel cells instead of batteries for an electric aircraft... from your energy density link compressed hydrogen has an even better energy density (142 MJ/kg) than jet fuel (46 MJ/kg)!

The cost of hydrogen production is estimated to become close to gasoline production over the next decade or so, but there is a huge pollution benefit to using fuel cells which could drive adoption quicker.

The currently very low cost of oil is probably the main thing that would keep airplanes from going electric soon.

Comment Fuel cell or battery? (Score 1) 196

An electric airplane sounds like an interesting idea, especially for short hop flights...

It also seems like it would be a nice case for fuel cells because you have a much more limited need for fueling stations (basically just airports) and it would be easier to store enough energy for a moderately long flight.

Comment Tech Article Sins (Score 1) 37

Quick! Someone form a Tech Article Sins (if one doesn't already exist... I think a Cracked video hinted at the existence of one) and count up the number of "Sins" this article racks up. They are doing very well at the "describe a limiting factor using vague words" game, similar to the pronoun game.
"break the rules"
"fundamental constraints"
"hitherto unlikely"

Alright, so I've finally come across details that draw into question the article's assertion of an "optical switch using a single atom and accompanying circuitry", Some of us when thinking of an optical switch would consider some of the things they put in the "accompanying circuitry" column, port of the optical switch.

"Until recently, even I thought it was impossible for us to undercut this limit," said Professor Leuthold."

...Is not a follow-up to a quote by anyone on the team as to what limit he is referring to.

According to this article, all atoms are the same size, apparently.

There are a number of other sins, but I'm done with typing right now.

Comment Which apps? (Score 1) 246

Browsing source on my repositories I can use Ctrl-F just fine - which other apps have you encountered that?

I have to admit I've never tried using the UI over dial-up, but that seems like a pretty niche issue for most people. You could still use a command line or other git client instead which would perform a lot better with that kind of network constraint... I totally agree with those who say the modern web has gotten too bloated but for something like BitBucket I would hate to lose some nice features the site has to accommodate those with really slow connections.

Comment Re: What? (Score 0) 69

Funny, I keep thinking that fiat currencies are the purest form of money that exists because it responds better to relative economic changes between regions. Haven't yet experienced anything to disabuse me of that notion. I'm starting a blog covering various ideas trotted out by bleakonomic believers and why they make no sense to me. Got quite a few books on the subject in preparation, though.

Comment Re:fast growth (Score 5, Interesting) 246

If anyone can take over the throne from GitHub, why would it not be BitBucket? They produce the excellent and free Git client Sourcetree, and all around have a more reasonable pricing model than GitHub.

It's not like I don't have a GitHub account, everyone does, but I also have a BitBucket account and have no qualms switching to them entirely if GitHub really starts being a problem (well, MORE of a problem since they did just recently have a big outage... perhaps that was early warning).

Comment Re: Is this really new? (Score 1) 48

The system may not need to show letters to get the letters right but somewhere in the brain there needs to be letters and somewhere in the machine there also needs to be letters.

As an aside, is anyone else having to relog in a lot on the mobile side of Slashdot?

Comment Re: No transit costs. (Score 1) 106

If their customers were paying the ISPs to connect only to the ISP's servers then you might have a point. If you don't use any of the high bandwidth features then you can get a lower capacity tier. If you charge your customers for the data they want brought to them and then charge the other side to bring the data to your customer, that's double charging and hides where the costs lie from the customer.

Comment Re:This is what real choice looks like (Score 0) 391

However, I'm unsure how useful it is to brick the phone rather than disable the fingerprint reader in question and force the user to enter their passcode they created

At first that seems a bit nicer for the user, but thinking longer term I think it makes a lot of sense to disable the device if it's detected it has been tampered with - I feel that's OK because of the ease of restoring the system from a backup, including the secure items in the keychain. If one bit of hardware has been compromised who knows what else was - why risk it? It just adds a lot of complexity around knowing the system is truly secure or not.

Comment This is what real choice looks like (Score -1) 391

Apple is not "getting away" with anything. They are actually being serious about security on the phone. I know this might be confusing because you are used to a world that just does the minimum possible to pretend to secure hardware and telling you it's actually secure...

This is what real choice looks like. People can buy an iPhone that is actually serious about security and may lock you out of data if you mess up the device. That's why backups are important... after all if anyone had an iCloud backup of their iPhone it wouldn't matter if the phone suddenly decided to lock you out, because you could get another device and it would be restored.

Or, people can say - I'd prefer not to be as serious about security, and buy an Android device. That is a valid choice also and I can see why others would make it. Please however do not think if that is your preference, that we should also want that same lower level of security to be default. I prefer for example my parents have this higher level of security and I just have to make sure that they have backups that are working, but at least I don't have to worry about malware or thieves stealing the farm as it were.

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