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+ - Online Primary for US President Failing->

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RabidChipmunk writes: "Americans Elect has already secured ballot slots for President in 26 states. However, it has no candidates who qualify. So AE had to cancel the caucus scheduled for tomorrow. To date they have collected more paper signatures than online. Therefor, I've decided to run. I only need 50,000 signatures in the next week. We even made a campaign video."
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Comment: Share Cookies (Score 1) 102

by RabidChipmunk (#34527548) Attached to: Online Tracking Firms To Launch Opt-Out Program

What makes the most sense to me is not that we opt out of cookies, but rather that we all use the same cookies.

We need a repository of tracking cookies and a plugin that sets all of our cookies to the same thing. That way there is no dependence upon the trackers to be good or ill. We just all pretend to be the same "person".



Inside Tsubame, Japan's GPU-Based Supercomputer 75

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from the please-don't-christen-the-supercomputer dept.
Startled Hippo writes "Japan's Tsubame supercomputer was ranked 29th-fastest in the world in the latest Top 500 ranking with a speed of 77.48T Flops (floating point operations per second) on the industry-standard Linpack benchmark. Why is it so special? It uses NVIDIA GPUs. Tsubame includes hundreds of graphics processors of the same type used in consumer PCs, working alongside CPUs in a mixed environment that some say is a model for future supercomputers serving disciplines like material chemistry." Unlike the GPU-based Tesla, Tsubame definitely won't be mistaken for a personal computer.

+ - Remembering Sputnik: Sir Arthur C. Clarke->

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RabidChipmunk writes: "Tomorrow is Sputnik's 50th anniversary. IEEE Spectrum has an interview with Sir Arthur C. Clarke, where he talks about his reaction to the Sputnik launch as well as other issues related to the Space Age (and what comes next):

This is part of IEEE Spectrum's Sputnik special:"

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Journal: Google Ate My Homepage

Journal by RabidChipmunk
I'm getting realy annoyed with the whole search engine optimization war. Google and the spacklers keep escalating and trying to out think each other. The results? Google doesn't like me anymore. My name used to bring up my homepage. Now it brings nothing. I hate it.

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Journal: Trading Casualties for the Stock Market

Journal by RabidChipmunk

1: The economy sucks at the moment.
2: The longer a military engagement the more it will cost.
3: Current estimates that a war of less than one month will be good for the economy, and more could push us into a depression.
4: The only way to win a war faster is to take more risks. i.e. Higher casualties.
5: The U.S. military is planning a fast all-out attack. General Myers[NYTimes]: "People are going to die."

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