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Journal: Google Ate My Homepage

Journal by RabidChipmunk
I'm getting realy annoyed with the whole search engine optimization war. Google and the spacklers keep escalating and trying to out think each other. The results? Google doesn't like me anymore. My name used to bring up my homepage. Now it brings nothing. I hate it.

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Journal: Trading Casualties for the Stock Market

Journal by RabidChipmunk

1: The economy sucks at the moment.
2: The longer a military engagement the more it will cost.
3: Current estimates that a war of less than one month will be good for the economy, and more could push us into a depression.
4: The only way to win a war faster is to take more risks. i.e. Higher casualties.
5: The U.S. military is planning a fast all-out attack. General Myers[NYTimes]: "People are going to die."

The U.S. military is trying to "condition people that that is war"(Meyers) without hi-lighting that casulaties will include Americans.

Therefor, it would appear that the current Bush plan is to sacrifice people in order to improve the economy. Now we'll get a new estimate on the value of a human life. Estimates will vary depending on how you value a U.S. soldier vs an Iraqi of undetermined affiliation.

The U.S. military is actually very efficient. So the plan might work (from the stock market's veiwpoint.) However, I'm not sure we should be giving Bush positive karma for this particular "economic stimulus package."

Is it wrong to invest money, based on the fact that the U.S. military is better at killing people than anyone else?

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