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Comment: Re:Sounds improbable (Score 5, Interesting) 513 513

by RabbitWho (#42027129) Attached to: Dutch Cold Case Murder Solved After 8000 People Gave Their DNA
If 96% of people had done it the social pressure might have been insurmountable. He might have figured if he was the only person in the village who didn't give DNA the police would investigate him and find him anyway, so he might as well give the DNA, hope that there would be a mistake, or hope that he could claim "If it was me, then why did I give them my DNA?"

Comment: Re:Money (Score 1) 609 609

by RabbitWho (#35136432) Attached to: An Open Letter To PC Makers: Ditch Bloatware, Now!
"I am better than someone else because of the software I use."
Nice man, real nice.

The fact is you shouldn't have to reinstall windows or install linux on a new computer just to get it working properly. And an awful lot of people, like my parents for example, aren't going to realize what's causing them all the problems.

+ - Bing uses Google search results— denies it->

Submitted by RabbitWho
RabbitWho writes: Google has run a sting operation that it says proves Bing has been watching what people search for on Google, the sites they select from Google’s results, then uses that information to improve Bing’s own search listings.

At Google we strongly believe in innovation and are proud of our search quality. We’ve invested thousands of person-years into developing our search algorithms because we want our users to get the right answer every time they search, and that’s not easy. We look forward to competing with genuinely new search algorithms out there—algorithms built on core innovation, and not on recycled search results from a competitor."

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Comment: Re:Nice! (Score 1) 459 459

by RabbitWho (#34903462) Attached to: Facebook Opens Up Home Addresses and Phone Numbers
Great thing about twitter is that it's not really a social networking site anymore. Most people don't post about themselves at all, it's more like slashdot. You share interesting stories and articles you read. And you follow your favourite news sources, journalists, writers, etc. But it's better than Slashdot now in my opinion because you get the information sooner. Not to mention slashdot users are often unfriendly and endlessly looking for opportunities to act superior to each other, where as in twitter you want your stream to stay interesting and dynamic and don't waste your time on the typical petty arguments typical of other social outlets on the internet.

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