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+ - Oracle Sues Lodsys for Patent Trolling->

Submitted by RWarrior(fobw)
RWarrior(fobw) (448405) writes "pj reports at Groklaw, and has a text the complaint, of Oracle has sued well-known patent troll Lodsys, for declaratory judgement in the Eastern District of Texas, that Oracle and its customers don't need Lodsys licenses, and that Lodsys patents are invalid anyway. As pj points out, who the good guys are depends on which case you're looking at."
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+ - Defend Network Neutrality and Become a Man 3

Submitted by RWarrior(fobw)
RWarrior(fobw) (448405) writes "Adult Video News, the news organization for the American porn industry, is reporting that former Belgian Senate candidate and NEE Party leader Tania Derveaux is offering to have sex with any virgin who can prove he's defended network neutrality. She'll even travel at her own expense.

Being a nerd apparently hath its friends with benefits."

+ - Utah Child Protection Registry Injunction Denied

Submitted by RWarrior(fobw)
RWarrior(fobw) (448405) writes "The Free Speech Coalition, an adult/porn industry trade group, has lost a bid before Judge Dale Kimball (of SCO v IBM fame) to get an injunction against Utah's enforcement of their Child Protection Registry law. If you sell something "harmful to minors" via email, you must pay a third-party company to scrub your mailing list. Problem? First, it's a private for-profit company. Second, it gets expensive! Third, there's no real way to know that whomever is on the list is actually in Utah, since there's no location or residence check, other than asking for a ZIP code. More about the decision at the FSC and Adult Video News Online. (Adult content in this last link.)"

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