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Comment Flame Wars (Score -1, Offtopic) 224 224

There is unrest on the Internet. Several thousand users have declared their intentions to leave the Republic. This Seperatist movement, inspired by the mysterious DuQu, has made it difficult for the limited number of Jedi Knights to maintain peace and order in the Internet...

Comment The Internet Sucks outside the US (Score 5, Interesting) 1004 1004

...But I didn't realize it until I left. Half of all the youtube videos I try to watch are blocked for one reason or another, Hulu, Netflix, and my Amazon Instant accounts were all out of commission, and iTunes was pretty much my last resort to stream content. I hate iTunes. I also hate trying to stream videos I own on Amazon through a proxy. Suddenly BitTorrent looks mighty friendly to a boredom-induced insanity.

Comment So basically... (Score 0) 356 356

This 1000-mile long passenger-safe rail gun which has to be vacuum-sealed with one-way vents will be cheaper than conventional rockets in the long run? I wonder what the initial cost for this structure would be... probably more than the combined net worth of all the countries on earth.

Master Engineer: Apple's "Mastered For iTunes" No Better Than AAC-Encoded Music 312 312

New submitter Stowie101 writes "British master engineer Ian Shepherd is ripping Apple's Mastered for iTunes service, saying it is pure marketing hype and isn't different than a standard AAC file in iTunes. Shepherd compared three digital music files, including a Red Hot Chili Peppers song downloaded in the Mastered for iTunes format with a CD version of the same song, and said there were no differences. Apple or someone else needs to step it up here and offer some true 'CD quality downloads.'"

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