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Comment: Oh no money for software and content! (Score 4, Funny) 161

by ROBOKATZ (#31856890) Attached to: How To Build a Winscape
although they want $10 for the software and then $10 for many of the actual video loops.

Well, nothing is stopping you from making your own if you want to save $20, after spending several thousand on the hardware. Actually I suppose you could just engineer your own plasma screens too. Screw you patents! Stick it to the man!

Comment: Re:query "why windows sucks" (Score 1) 582

by ROBOKATZ (#28984441) Attached to: Bing Search Tainted By Pro-Microsoft Results
I really don't think it's demoting anti-MS pages.
  • Is Windows getting more expensive? - CNET News
  • Windows 5x More Expensive than Mac OS X
  • Windows Vista: One Expensive Operating System!
  • Expensive Computer Dead Slow
  • Windows, Skylights & Doors | Sierra Club Green Home
  • Why is Windows so expensive?
  • Windows 5x More Expensive than Mac OS X
  • Windows 7 pricing thoughts - Is Windows too expensive? | TalkBack on ...
  • RoughlyDrafted: Five Windows Flaws - 5
  • Comparison of Windows and Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "In practice, the availability of Windows source code is generally heavily restricted or extremely expensive, if available at all. However, even where source is available ..."

Comment: Re:query "why windows sucks" (Score 3, Interesting) 582

by ROBOKATZ (#28972109) Attached to: Bing Search Tainted By Pro-Microsoft Results
And "is windows expensive" returns just plain anti-Windows results. "why is windows expensive" (eliminating the 'so') returns more neutral responses. This is just a difference in the search algorithms. I wonder how many phrases were tried before the authors obtained suitably pro-MS results for their troll.

Comment: Re:Details (Score 1) 377

by ROBOKATZ (#28851525) Attached to: Ubisoft Working On a New Anti-Piracy Tool
If I had mod points I'd mod you up. I don't know why everyone around here is under the impression that all copy protection is broken virtually before release. It took over a year to crack starforce. Besides, most publishers are just looking to buy themselves a few days so that the people desperate to get it will go ahead and buy it when they can't find a torrent.

Open Source Usability — Joomla! Vs. WordPress 240

Posted by kdawson
from the apples-and-orange-trees dept.
An anonymous reader writes "PlayingWithWire profiles two open source tools for Web development, comparing Joomla! and WordPress through the lens of usability. The article has apparently upset a few people at the Joomla! forum, but it does bring up a good point. Many open source projects are developed by engineers for engineers — should they focus more on usability? PlayingWithWire makes a bold analogy: 'If Joomla! is Linux, then WordPress is Mac OS X. WordPress might offer only 90% of the features of Joomla!, but in most cases WordPress is both easier to use and faster to get up and running.'" The article repeatedly stresses that blogging platform WordPress and CMS harness Joomla! occupy different levels of the content hierarchy. How fair is it to twit Joomla! on usability?

Comment: Re:At $107 per life... (Score 1) 263

by ROBOKATZ (#26032205) Attached to: Saving 28,000 Lives a Year
Or even just stay as a pontificating lazy idiot, but possibly when something is done by a trained researcher and published a well respected scientific journal not assume they methodology was stupid?

Well, this is keeping in the slashdot tradition -- how many times has the "correlationisnotcausation" tag been (mis)used?

Comment: Re:Depends on the school (Score 1) 727

by ROBOKATZ (#25963787) Attached to: Twenty Years of Dijkstra's Cruelty
It just seems to me like anyone not capable of answering that question would also not be capable of answering just about anything more complex. So if your screening test is actually targeted to a higher-level recruit, why even bother putting that question on the test? It should be pretty clear from the other responses when a candidate is grossly incapable.

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