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Comment: inkjet printer (Score 1) 231

by RITjobbie (#47830623) Attached to: Did you use technology to get into mischief as a child?
I had an old Apple inkjet printer. Once I drafted some fake citations to leave on friends' domors. Noise complaints and that kind of thing. My buddy's dad found one and called the local police. Cops were at my house a little later. I had received the only _real_ citation in a few weeks, so it was pretty easy to track me down (I didn't shovel my parents' sidewalk on a snow day, a no-no when you live a block away from the sheriff, a church, and a school).

Comment: Re:I'm amazed... (Score 1) 1737

by RITjobbie (#44276417) Attached to: George Zimmerman Acquitted In Death of Trayvon Martin

I'm not so sure about that. New York has a weak castle doctrine compared to Florida (including SYG), but that's not even what was being contested. In New York you have a duty to flee when confronted with deadly physical force. Only in the absence of your ability to flee can you can respond in kind with like force. A litmus test can be broken down with "AOJ":

Ability: Did TM have the ability to cause GZ grave bodily harm (GBH)? The answer, based on evidence shown at the trial, is very clearly yes. An unarmed 4 year old would not have the ability to cause GBH.

Opportunity: did TM have the opportunity to cause GZ grave bodily harm? The answer, based on evidence shown at the trial, is very clearly yes. A teenager with a gun in California would not have the opportunity to cause GZ (in Florida) GBH.

Jeopardy: Was TM an immediate threat to cause GZ grave bodily harm at the time of the shooting? The answer, based on evidence shown at the trial, is very clearly yes. A pack of MMA fighters on the other side of the street would not place GZ in immediate jeopardy of GBH.

Any firearm owner in NYS should have been acquitted of murder/manslaughter in a similar situation of being pinned down and having a life-threatening beating handed down on your face.

Should GZ have handled the situation differently? I'll bet GZ wishes he did, but that's not what the jury's job was. The jury had to respond to charges of murder or manslaughter, not to determine whether or not he was a douchebag.

Comment: Local economy? (Score 5, Insightful) 97

by RITjobbie (#42225335) Attached to: Apple and Google Joining Forces On Kodak Patents Bid

It's too bad the cash from this patent selloff won't likely be seen in the local economy of Rochester, NY, Kodak's home town. We've pretty much given up completely on the once largest local employer. Too many of my friends have long since had severance packages run out. She's not sinking, rather she's already resting on the bottom of the ocean flapping a bit.

I wonder what is actually in the patent portfolio that Google and Apple can sue each other over in 5 years.

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by RITjobbie (#38626030) Attached to: NetApp, Lenovo Raise Prices, Citing Thailand Flooding Effects

Yes, they are selling you a Seagate Constellation 1TB drive for waaaay more than what you would pay on NewEgg. But they burn in their drives before shipping them to you. This saves them money in CRUs and saves you time in drive replacements. More than anything, you are paying for their support.

From someone who recently experienced a pretty nasty multiple-drive failure in an EMC array, holy shit their support is amazing. I will continue to spend my (employer's) money on EMC gear based solely on how they handled my recent "situation".

(I had multiple drives in the same AX4 enclosure report multiple soft errors simultaneously. SOP is to replace failed drives, but they insisted on proactively replacing the rest of the drives in that enclosure. And the AX4 is one of their crapola products. If something like this happened on our VNX, I would have a team of CEs in my office sweating all over my desk.)

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