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Comment: Why we have to kiss off stupid humans now! (Score 1) 441

by REALMAN (#48827323) Attached to: Why We Have To Kiss Off Big Carbon Now

Apparently the author of this article is another one of those stupid humans who have very little understanding of the benefits and necessity of oil. Too many stupid humans have this perverted belief that oil and gas make up the largest usage and benefit of oil production. "insert losing sound buzzer here" Take a good look around you right now. Almost everything in your field of view requires oil production. Your car, your computer, your lipstick, earphones, tennis racquets, life jackets, Tupperware, the list goes on. Take a look here stupid humans --->

We have to divest ourselves from these stupid humans who pop up everywhere with their global warming anti humanity ideas. These people are brainwashed itdiots with no understanding of how the world works. They would see you living in caves and eating bugs to save their precious Gaia from their paranoid delusions. Get informed or become victims of stupid humans.

Comment: Hey! Psst. (Score 1) 301

by REALMAN (#48367027) Attached to: Police Body Cam Privacy Exploitation

"Chief Townsend believes it is a huge privacy concern, as officers often see people on their worst days. "People with mental illness, people in domestic violence situations; do we really want to have to put that video out on YouTube for people? I think that's pushing it a little bit," he said."

Ever heard of "Cops"? On TV??

+ - diaspora* version released-> 1

Submitted by jaywink
jaywink (3824665) writes "A new diaspora* version is out. It includes a lot of pages ported to Bootstrap, many bug fixes and small enhancements. Also included is a Terms of Service -feature for podmins. Diaspora* is an open source social networking server that joins all running pods into one big decentralized social network."
Link to Original Source

Comment: I would avoid such a website. (Score 1) 382

by REALMAN (#47695713) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

Civility is codeword for "all who agree with me"

Any site that removes comments or participation from "trolls" would most certainly end up restricting comment from those who don't agree. Take Climate Change for example. How many news sites have stated that they won't "allow" the deniers AKA those who disagree, to post.

Comment: Your OFFICIAL global warming news! (Score 2) 552

by REALMAN (#47461905) Attached to: The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

Hi there, We grant seekers AHEM uh... scientists at the Japan Meteorological Agency Thought we would help out the IPCC which has reported no significant warming in the last 17 years or so by switching to quarterly scare tactics AHEM uh... warnings. Please believe us as we only want more funding grants AHEM uh... to help you citizens.

The Japan Meteorological Agency

Comment: Re:GLobal warming scien is simple (Score 0) 547

by REALMAN (#47307061) Attached to: NOAA: Earth Smashed A Record For Heat In May 2014, Effects To Worsen

Really? Falsifiable and tested??

Says who? You?

You never did mention that CO2 is only about 0.039% of the atmosphere and is just a TRACE gas. You forgot to mention that the IPCC has stated publicly that there has been no significant warming in over 17 years.

Never mind. The sky is still falling. Eat your bug protein and pay your carbon credits while Al Gore and those like him laugh at you in their million dollar carbon spewing mansions, eating Steak and Caviar while they drop your money into their bank accounts to pay for seaside properties they claimed would be inundated by the flooding waters due to global warming.

Stay asleep and stay stupid.

Comment: Isn't all food really "sustainable" ? (Score 1) 137

by REALMAN (#46885587) Attached to: Interview: Ask Ben Starr About the Future of Food

I keep hearing this nonsense about "sustainable" food. All of our current food is sustainable, otherwise our grocery stores would be empty.
Isn't what you really mean about "sustainable" food is that it's food for the poor people while REAL food like meats and cheeses and fresh vegetables are for the elite while we poor people should be relegated to the processed junk food and imitation soybean meats along with the GMO's?

To communicate is the beginning of understanding. -- AT&T