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Comment: Re:Field of Dreams (Score 1) 53

by R3d M3rcury (#47725667) Attached to: NASA's Space Launch System Searches For a Mission

I have some friends working on the Lunar X Prize []. Their lander is the size of a carton of cigarettes, and weighs less than a kilogram.

And what does it do? Drive 500 meters and send back high-def video? Does it have a spectrometer like Spirit and Opportunity? How about a soil mechanics testing unit like Lunakhod 2?

That's the problem, see. Real scientists like to try to figure stuff out and they need complicated instruments to do that--more than a high-def camera at least.

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by R3d M3rcury (#47723215) Attached to: The 2014 Hugo Awards

True. But what if the object that they're connected to is moving? What's to say that ISS wasn't rotating in such a way as to create force?

Now ISS has various gyroscopes and thrusters to keep it oriented. However, it appears that many of the ISS systems were turned off and/or damaged, which means that those thrusters or gyroscopes may not have been working. So ISS may have also had some spin to it, considering that it and the Soyuz had been hit by debris.

So it's quite possible that ISS was rotating or spinning in some manner. While the ropes stopped their momentum, they were still taut afterwards so that implies that there was some force acting on them.

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As I understand it, the answer is "Yes."

What they're going for is to make the device useless. They can already make the phone unable to use particular towers or the whole network--essentially turning your iPhone into an iPod touch. But as I understand it--and I may be wrong--the idea of bricking the phone is that it will essentially make everything on the phone inaccessible.

Comment: Re:Why such paranoia ? (Score 2) 298

In 2014 all a gov with a tame telco has to do is find your phone trying to upload. The unique video never gets out anymore. The citizen journalist is swept up and phone lost.

Okay, fair enough, I'll play into your fantasy.

Now, what's stopping the eeeevil people from doing that now? All they'd have to do is have software that says IMEI 07 345927 087947 7 can't talk to this cell tower. They can do that now. Your phone's IMEI number is the same, even if you switch SIMs, so that's no help.

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They would, however, be able to keep the story about what's happening in Ferguson, MO (for example) from ever trending on Twitter, simply by killing every phone talking to a particular tower.

Or by shutting down the tower or by saying, "Phone number (whatever) cannot communicate with this tower."

And yet, somehow they haven't done this.

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by R3d M3rcury (#47687555) Attached to: Delays For SC Nuclear Plant Put Pressure On the Industry

Actually, I was just chuckling over the fact that "50,000 people a year die from second hand smoke" and "50,000 people a year die from coal power plant emissions" and 50,000 people a year die from prolonged seizures and 50,000 people a year die from alcohol poisoning.

Handy that these happen in blocks of 50,000.

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