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Comment: Re:I automatically disbelieved this post (Score 1) 132

by R3d M3rcury (#48681781) Attached to: Google and Apple Weaseling Out of "Do Not Track"

I gotta admit that's one that surprises me.

For the most part, I have no problem with the theory of "targeted advertising." The problem I have is that with all this data that is supposedly being soaked up, it does a pretty crappy job of delivering ads for things I might actually be interested in. Yeah, I suppose it does a good job of filtering ads that I absolutely have no interest in--I haven't seen a "Pampers" ad or something like that.

I'm somewhat in the market for a new car. I like small convertibles/roadsters. I went and checked out the Mini Cooper Roadster on Mini's website and then checked a bunch of the dealer websites to see if they had the options that I wanted in stock (none did). And for the next few weeks, I was seeing ads for the Mini Cooper Roadster from various local dealers whose websites I've already visited!

Yes, I've been there and seen it. I would think it would be showing me ads for the Mazda Miata or Audi TT--similar roadster-type cars. I would think it would showing me ads for dealers a bit further afield.

Comment: Re:Awesome news (Score 2) 121

by R3d M3rcury (#48569487) Attached to: NASA Gets 2% Boost To Science Budget

I'm sure the Congressmen from Boeing had something to do with this. After all, if they're sending a rocket to Europa, how's it going to get to get there without the Senate Launch System? "See? We have to spend that money now! We've got a bunch of science missions that we've already spent money on waiting for it!"

Comment: Re:This Product Makes Sense (Score 2) 78

by R3d M3rcury (#48480581) Attached to: Intel Core M Notebooks Arrive, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tested

Samsung makes the Galaxy line, not Apple.

I think it was joke vis-a-vis Apple making "phablet" phones after spending years insisting that people wouldn't like them because they can't use them with only one hand. Add to the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus looks kind of like a Galaxy S5 with less-rounded corners and there you go.

Or, to put it another way, "woosh."

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