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Comment: Re:i don't understand the premise of the post (Score 1) 240

As I understand it...

  • If I'm in a crowded theater and I yell "Fire!" and everybody laughs and keeps watching the show, there's no problem.
  • If I yell "Fire!" and everybody gets up and leaves in an orderly fashion and no one is injured but the show is interrupted, I might get sued by the theater owner who had to refund tickets to all those people or schedule a new show for them.
  • If I yell "Fire!" and everybody panics and runs out of theater, trampling anybody who gets in their way, I can be arrested for various crimes because of my actions.

"Free speech" does not relieve you of the consequences.

Comment: Re:Well... (Score 1) 108

by R3d M3rcury (#49581921) Attached to: Russian Cargo Spacehip Declared Lost

Robot probes are far better science for the buck

The Apollo manned missions returned 2200 moon rocks, soil, and core samples weighing 382 kilograms. Soviet lunar probes returned 2 samples of soil weighing 0.362 kilograms. The Apollo program cost $20 billion. The Luna program's estimated cost was $4.5 billion.

So we spent 4.5x the money and got 1000x the samples. Whether the "science" was better because of this is debatable, but at least by one measure, your theory doesn't necessarily pan out.

To me, the advantage of probes is that, individually, they are easier, cheaper and quicker than a manned mission. If I were a middle-aged scientist wishing to confirm a theory about Mars, I'd rather have a probe that would arrive in 8 years than I waiting another 30 years and, assuming I was physically able to make the trip, be able to test out my theory on the surface of the planet.

Reality must take precedence over public relations, for Mother Nature cannot be fooled. -- R.P. Feynman