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Comment Re: Poor VW (Score 1) 203

While I agree, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Currently, finding appropriate racks for a rental car is hit-or-miss. So if you live somewhere like Southern California and want to rent a car with ski racks, it can be tough to pull off. It's tough to rent something that will pull a trailer and they'll get really grumpy with you if you consider going off-road.

Comment Re:Not a real story (Score 2) 361

So, you're cool with someone deliberately putting a fake bomb on a bench in a shopping mall, no legal consequences?

Depends on who decided it was a bomb and who decided it was a fake bomb.

If I'm a jerk who makes a "fake bomb" (i.e., something that might look like a bomb to an uninformed person) for the express purpose of making people think it was a bomb, yeah, I certainly deserve the legal consequences of my act. However, if I happen to leave my backpack sitting under the bench and someone sees it and thinks it might be a bomb and calls the bomb squad and they examine it, discover it's not a bomb, and find my address inside the backpack, I'd appreciate it if they returned it to me. I shouldn't face legal consequences.

In short, I'm not responsible for your misinterpretations.

Comment Re:Vetting of apps? (Score 1) 246

So, "how that can even be legal" is that Apple are not a monopoly as far as smartphones are concerned, nor are they leveraging their non-monopoly position in one area to promote their business in another.

True, but remember that there are other people who will decide what "the market" is.

Way back when, Microsoft claimed they did not have a monopoly in the personal computer market because of Apple. They grabbed all of the Apple statistics to show this. Of course, the government said, "Yes, that's very nice. But you do have a monopoly on Intel-based personal computers."

Oh, and by the way, iTunes could easily be considered a monopoly (Apple loves to crow about it's market share) and it could be argued that Apple is under-cutting it's competition in the streaming music market.

Comment Favorite Two Sentences from the Article (Score 1) 221

If the hydrogen can be sourced from natural gas, instead of from the electrolysis of water, the airfare tickets of a hypersonic trip could drop to about half the price of a business-class ticket.

Based on current projections the ticket price will be about three times more expensive on average than current business-class subsonic tickets.

Yes, these two sentences followed each other. There was no editing.

So the cost could be about half as much, but they'll charge three times as much because they can. I suppose I can't blame them--if I was in Brussels, I'd probably pay three times the going rate to get to Sydney.

Comment Re:It's not the size (Score 2) 279

* Most of the software it runs is not touch friendly

And there's the rub.

"It has to run Windows! I have tons of software that only runs on Windows and it has to run on this new-fangled tablet thing."
"It doesn't really support the latest/greatest version of Windows."

One advantage that Apple has in this realm is that while they may not have the bulk of business software running on the iPad, what they do have works with touch and takes advantage of these things.

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