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Comment Re: Sixth man on the soundstage! (Score 1) 113

I know you're trolling, but I am curious about one thing...

There were plenty of Apollo missions that were manned but didn't land on the Moon. Apollo 7 stayed in Earth orbit. Apollo 8 took the CSM to the Moon. Apollo 9 tested the LEM in Earth orbit and Apollo 10 took a LEM to the Moon, but didn't land it.

Were all of them faked as well?

Comment Re:Take care to leave your opinions out of the tit (Score 1) 213

Hear hear!

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for self-driving cars. Personally, I want one. But I also enjoy my little roadster with the manual transmission. I'd love to get a Tesla Roadster (0-60 4 seconds solo in the carpool lane? W00t!). And I'd want a switch that would turn self-driving on and off.

So when I'm going to work, yeah, I'd probably turn on self-drive and read a book. But if I was going out to visit my sister in Colorado? Yeah, there are some stretches of road that are fun to drive and I'd want to flip that switch.

Comment Re:I'm a republican ... (Score 3, Insightful) 182

Actually, if you want to play R vs. D...

In 2004, when this was approved, the President (George W. Bush) was a republican. So, ah ha!

Of course, in 2004, the Secretary of Transportation (Norman Mineta) was a democrat. So, ah ha!

In other words, at least in this case, it's kind of silly to play "R vs. D," unless you want to say that "they both do it."

Comment Re:A hundred million? (Score 1) 95

I tried watching that last go around where the US did fairly well in was about to be over and...OH wait...for no explainable reason, we're gonna add another 12 minutes to the game...

Actually, as an American football fan, I have to admit I think it's pretty entertaining.

In football, you have a visible clock. They stop it for out-of-bounds, incomplete passes, penalties, etc. When it gets down to zero? Game over.
In soccer, the refs keep track of how much time is spent on things like corner kicks, throw-ins, penalty kicks, and the like. So when the clock hits zero, that's when they announce how much time was spent.

It adds an entertaining element to the game--you have little idea how much extra time you're going to have (I'm sure the teams have someone who keeps track and guesses, but the typical fan won't). So it ain't over until it's over.

Besides...a "real" game of football has something like "Sudden Death"....

Actually, during the regular season, the NFL allows ties. They play one overtime period and if nobody scores (or they both score back-to-back field goals), it's a tie. There's been three of them in the last five years. In the playoffs, I believe they just keep doing overtime until both teams have touched the ball and somebody scores.

Soccer has ties in the regular season, I believe, but championship games play a couple of overtime matches and then shootouts until somebody wins.

I agree that I prefer watching American football, but soccer is pretty fun to watch as well.

Comment Re:Nature Abhors a Vacuum (Score 1) 144

The neat question would be how much land is needed.

If the hyper loop is elevated, let's say 20 feet off the ground, then you only need "land" for the pylons to support it. You'd also need, I would imagine, some sort of 'right-of-way' agreement), but hat agreement can be forced by the government and you'd only have to pay for the land to support the pylon.

Depending on how big the pylons are, that could be a pretty impressive cost savings.

Comment Re:Don't worry - Apple will end up like Microsoft (Score 1) 428

Just as Microsoft drifts along in a sort of commercial terminal velocity, so too will Apple.

I remember reading somewhere that, during Microsoft's heyday and with the cash that they had, they could pretty much not sell anything (i.e., $0 in revenue) and still go on for about 30 years before they ran out of money.

Comment Re:Be insainly great. (Score 1) 428

Yea sorry but the people buying Mac Minis to be webservers aren't a big market.

Agreed. But here's the question: What benefit do I--as a customer--get from the changes Apple made?

Were there customers who were eschewing the Mac mini because, dag nabbit, it was just too big and powerful? Were there people not buying Mac minis because they just had too many USB ports?

Apple benefits from things like soldered RAM--it cuts manufacturing costs. But when they sell the box at the same price and improve their margin, the customer doesn't benefit.

Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 1) 407

I was just going to say that we, here in LA, were going to try this on the 405, but it's always covered with cars.

Seriously, I would imagine that this wouldn't make sense for a high-traffic freeway. But I could see it, maybe, making some sense in a rural area where people are put off by "ugly" solar collectors. Place it in the road--it may not be as efficient but it may be efficient enough to power the houses along the side of the road in a rural area.

Comment Re:security indicators? who needs them? (Score 1) 27

I have to admit, I don't use it either, so I'm a bit lost as well.

I assume, rashly, the communications can either be secure or insecure, which is why you need an indicator. Fair enough. If I care, I will be very happy with the indicator. If I don't care, I will ignore the indicator. So why have a switch to turn the indicator on or off?

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