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Comment: Re:The race is already on we're just not in it (Score 1) 272

I know he's a troll/humorist, but I maybe some denialist will answer.

I've always wondered about this. Were all the Apollo missions faked? Because, beforehand, there were the Ranger and Surveyor missions. Were those faked, too? What about the Apollo missions that didn't land on the Moon? Was Apollo 7, which just hung out in Earth orbit, faked? How about Apollo 8, which orbited the Moon? Apollo 9 stayed in Earth orbit with a LEM and Apollo 10 went to the Moon but didn't land. Were those faked, too?

+ - Asteroid risk greatly overestimated by almost everyone

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang writes: When it comes to risk assessment, there’s one type that humans are notoriously bad at: the very low-frequency but high-consequence risks and rewards. It’s why so many of us are so eager to play the lottery, and simultaneously why we’re catastrophically afraid of ebola and plane crashes, when we’re far more likely to die from something mundane, like getting hit by a truck. One of the examples where science and this type of fear-based fallacy intersect is the science of asteroid strikes. With all we know about asteroids today, here's the actual risk to humanity, and it's much lower than anyone cares to admit.

Comment: Re:It's the semi's that destroy the roads (Score 1) 837

by R3d M3rcury (#49737765) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

While this is true, frankly I would argue that "Mother Nature" does more damage to the road than semis. And we can't really tax her.

Roads are a community resource that we all use in one way or another. The guy on the bike who says, "I don't damage the road so I shouldn't have to pay" neglects to consider the fact that his fancy super-light carbon-fiber bike showed up at his local bike shop on the back of semi. He whines about how crappy the road is along the right-hand side due to frost heaves but isn't willing to pony-up any money to actually get it fixed because, why should he have to pay? He didn't do the damage.

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