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Comment Re:Good article (Score 1) 460

Android on the other hand ... has a lot of developers that try many different things and continually experiment, they move in every direction, not just forward.

Actually, you'll run into this on the iOS side as well.

There's an RDP client that I use that went "gesture-crazy." For example, a three-fingered swipe across the screen will disconnect you from the server. Obviously. And, no, these aren't shortcuts.

So, no, there are third-party developers who are having fun with gestures.

Comment Re:I'll post what I posted on another site (Score 1) 460

Much harder to provide a complete example of an alternative that incorporates all the changes you are asking for, on a mobile platform.

Yeah! Why don't you improve our interface for free!

One of the authors, Bruce Tognazzini, does this for a living. But he should just sit down, come up with solutions, perform user testing, and everything else out of the kindness of his heart!

Comment Re:I'll post what I posted on another site (Score 2) 460

The scrollbar is discoverable and it provides visual feedback. Sounds good right? Well it turns out using a scrollbar on a mobile device is a miserable experience. Swipe to scroll turned out to be the vastly superior method, and as soon as you learn to swipe (my 1 year old figured it out watching me) it is trivially easy to operate without any additional visual clutter.

At the loss of discoverability.

While I agree--I wouldn't want to play with scrollbars on my phone--I'll add that you lose the ability to know if information is outside of your view. That's part of the "discoverability."

Here's a personal example: Back in iOS 7, I believe, the Weather app on the iPhone would show you the temperature. Tap on the temperature--how I knew to do that is lost to my memory--and it would show you other information--barometer, wind direction and speed, etc. When I upgraded to iOS 8, this functionality was removed. You could no longer get this information--which I occasionally found useful (when biking, it's nice to know if you're going to be fighting headwinds).

Then, one day, while swiping through my collection of locations in the Weather app, I inadvertently swiped more down than across and noticed that there was more information below! There was my wind speed and direction, as well as a few more days of weather forecasts as well as sunrise and sunset times (Apple: This is not weather, dammit!)

How was I supposed to know that this had changed? Where was my scrollbar to say, "Hey, there's more information down below this"? Is the technique that whenever you launch an app, you need to start swiping in all directions with as many fingers as you can in order to figure out how something works?

In short, discoverability sucks on iOS. Don't believe me? Apple has a "Hints" app on the iPhone so that you can learn all these crazy things.

Comment Re:Why only 4 passengers (Score 1) 69

Depends on who they are.

Seriously, Dragon 2 can hold 7 passengers and get them there alive. But if it's carrying seven people, there's no space for cargo. NASA would rather send fewer astronauts and some cargo.

One interesting aside is the "emergency lifeboat" thing. Since Dragon can carry 7 people, does this mean that one Dragon could be used to rescue everybody? Will there be 7 seats stowed in the cargo hold in the event that they need to take everybody off?

Comment Re:Yeah right. (Score 1) 129

Maybe my math is off, but at $34,409/kg (which is the current price), they'll need 871kg or 1922 pounds to pay for a dredger/cutter robot.

Keep in mind, also, that once they figure out how to do the mining and can show that it works, other people will probably buy their equipment to exploit other finds. If you will, they'll make money from every underwater mine.

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