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Comment: Re:PDP 8 field service school, at "the mill" (Score 1) 623

by R. M. Dasheff (#43860025) Attached to: How Did You Learn How To Program?
1973 DEC 10 (a souped up PDP 6 w/ count 'em 36 bit word length) running TOPS-10 hacking FORTRAN IV on punched Holorith cards. We frosh weren't allowed to use the LA-120 (paper fed terminals). Eventually we learned the amazements of TECO for editing purposes (sort of like sed). Trees were in great supply back then. Of course programs were much, much shorter. Later got to play around with a GT40 graphics terminal with manual boot loader. Naturally it's primary use was to play Mars Lander..

Comment: Hey, anyone remember Digital's Notes? (Score 1) 115

by R. M. Dasheff (#43744571) Attached to: Google's House of Cards
... that's Digital Equipment Corporation m'boy, the mommy of the VAX (and other stuff.) There was an extensive network (the dearly departed DECNET) wide repository of "knowledge" called "Notes". If I were to squint and stress my gray matter, I might be able to recall that Xerox/PARC had a similar unstructured knowledge base. Now you got me imagining tons of organizations that had these hordes of "useful information." No, that can't be. Sorry. Forget all this stuff.

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