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Comment: Why Bureaucratic Rule? (Score 1) 705

I have a little experience with CalTrans with this type of compliant. It is all about who is filling the "Official" request for change that gets added to the log of shit for the DOT to get money to fix. Before the DOT can have the guys in trucks show up to do anything, they have to have approval so they can pay for materials and labor and the head engineer's office that has to take responsibility for the repair. It seems overkill but it is the only to manage a project backlog of 100,000 items.

In my case I saw that a protected turn light and a pedestrian walk signal would give cars the right of way to run over anyone in the crosswalk that was crossing when indicated. I went to the DOT office and filed a compliant, but since I did not work for the city's or county's public works office, I didn't have the authority to file an official complaint. So I went to the city's public works office and they went and looked at it and saw that it did not meet code and filed a compliant on behalf of the city. The guy in the article probably skipped this step therefore making the DOT guy look like an Asshat.

Comment: No More Stupid Games HOF (Score 3, Interesting) 60

by Quizme2000 (#29073301) Attached to: Iowa Aims to Establish International Video Game Hall of Fame

Here in San Francisco we have the completely ignored "Walk of Game" in the Meteron which was heavily advertised but no one really cared, because its fucking dumb.

Here's the kicker, its within walking distance to Bungie and probably and 4-5 large game publishers like Lucas Arts (well a cab ride anyway).

Here's the Problem...Games are not Hall of Fame material that would dumb, only Gamers could be hall of fame material. (Kinda like the real HOF)

However, gamers are the least interesting people in the world. Reference The Image Comment

If you want to make something people would actually give a shit about, make a museum gallery (not historical, more like MOMA style) that goes beyond button mashers and shows the interesting, weird, and beautiful games that never made it to the masses, that would never be seen unless a someone who knew where to find them was and put them on display to play.

Professional wrestling: ballet for the common man.