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Comment: Re:Sprint? (Score 1) 187

by QuijiboIsAWord (#30832724) Attached to: Analyst Estimates AT&T Needs To Spend $5B To Catch Up
I also recently switched to sprint and I've been really satisfied with their service. I got an unlimited data plan for a lower price than anyone else, and they had 3G in my town while AT&T still doesn't. I'd prefer to be on a GSM network, but theres absolutely no tangible difference to my day to day use. Their customer support has been pretty decent, but that might be because I'm working through a corporate account rather than a normal one.

Comment: Re:Great! (Score 1) 73

by QuijiboIsAWord (#27487925) Attached to: Greg Bear To Write <em>Halo</em> Trilogy
Pretty sure that for the girl to be a Deus Ex Machina, it would have had to have been a secret that she was lucky, rather than directly stated early on from practically the first moment she's met. The fact that she was lucky (or unlucky, or really lucky, or her descendants are really lucky, or however Niven's retroactively redefined it this year) was always to me the whole point of the book.

Comment: Re:Everything-over-IP wireless carrier (Score 1) 361

by QuijiboIsAWord (#27428883) Attached to: Google Bans Tethering App From Android Market

Close, except that zer01 isn't an MVNO. The story about them using AT&T's 3G network was incorrect, the interviewer made some assumptions about what they're doing.

According to them, they've got interconnect agreements that eliminate the need to lease bandwidth the way an MVNO typically does.


+ - Zap2It Labs discontinuing guide service->

Submitted by QuijiboIsAWord
QuijiboIsAWord (715586) writes "Zap2It Labs, which provides free TV listing data for personal use, has long been the main source of program guide information for users in the US and beyond. They've announced via their webpage that, due to abuse of the service, data will no longer be available after September 1st. There is no other direct source, and no option to pay for the service even if the users wanted to. Without a data feed of this type, users will be reduced to scraping websites at best. Is this going to be a killing blow for MythTV?"
Link to Original Source
Role Playing (Games)

+ - FFVII RPG in Second Life with Square's OK (maybe)

Submitted by
wjamesau writes "A group of Second Life Residents have created an amazing-looking RPG inspired by the city of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII, with a scripted combat system and game masters who run the SOLDIER versus AVALANCHE action. An interesting twist is that Squaresoft, the owners of the Final Fantasy IP, apparently gave the non-commercial project their blessing — or maybe not. The island of Midgar has changed ownership so no one's quite sure, but the several hundred players keep it going through donations, and even stranger (as my game review Onder Skall reports): "Operating as if Square gave approval has made them act as if they work for Square. They have rules about never sharing information about pirating Final Fantasy gear, and are the best promotion of any brand in Second Life. If Square were ever to come to Second Life, no PR manager could dream of creating a more dedicated player base than this one.""
Media (Apple)

+ - World's first iPod dock for pianos

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "Pianos suck, unless of course they have an iPod dock. That's right. But after today, that's no longer a problem because PianoDisc this week introduced its iPod docking piano 'iQ' which it says though is patented technology will let almost any piano play itself according to the melody of the iPod. 9"

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