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+ - Mass Effect is digital porn? What what WHAT?!

Submitted by Quiet_Desperation
Quiet_Desperation (858215) writes "Brave commentator and paragon of justice Kevin McCullough comes out swinging against that evil renegade of the video gaming underword, Mass Effect. Having actually played and completed the game, I know the sex scene in Mass Effect is about 20 to 30 seconds long and is PG-13 or maybe an R. Mr. McCullough, Seeker Of Truth that he is, somehow expands that scene into a nonstop humpfest of alien degradation that would make Caligula weep and the Marquis de Sade hide under his mother's skirts.

But seriously, it's obvious that McCullogh have never even seen the box for the game much less played it. He's just another ideological pinhead servicing a certain demographic of nitwits. Hey conservatives: you wonder why your power may be waning? You want to know what you are becoming the laughing stock of the multiverse? It's articles like this that so distort and defraud reality that, even given the ideological considerations, you have to questions the man's sanity. Or he's just seeking page hits, which isn't any better, really.

Anywho, I'm heading back to finish Blue Dragon. I hear near the end Lady Zola ties up Marumaro, takes a dump on his face and then violates him for hours with a spiked strap-on (imbued with a Flarus spell, of course). The faster you tap the "A" button, the more the little bastard gets his due! Woot!"

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